Coming Soon To The Small Screen: EVE: The TV Show

Coming Soon To The Small Screen: EVE: The TV Show

EVE Online is getting a television series, thanks to a partnership between the MMO’s publisher and an Icelandic filmmaker, and it will take its inspiration from the stories EVE players left on a website honouring the game’s first decade.

Baltasar Kormákur, the director, was behind 2012’s Contraband and is currently working on 2 Guns, which stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, due for release in August. A news release from CCP, EVE‘s publisher, says the television series will be distributed worldwide and will tell the story of the EVE Universe, “a future history of rival societies trapped beyond a wormhole in a dystopian sci-fi world.”

“The EVE universe is full of astounding stories of epic battles, daring heists, and gripping political intrigue, all of which will make for an amazing television series”, Kormákur said in a statement, and boy did he get the heists part right.

No distributor or network for the series was named in the announcement, nor was any expected premiere window.


  • Are these stories that really should be told or are they just jumping on the Defiance bandwagon? Bit early to tell how Defiance will fare, but it’s safe to say if the formula works we’ll be seeing more of these TV/Game tie-ins.

    Btw, “will tell the store of the EVE Universe” should be “story” I imagine.

  • You just know every EVE fan is going to want to watch this just to see their favourite spaceships on screen blowing each other up. Hell, I don’t even play EVE any more and I want to watch it for that reason.

    By the way, I think Clear Skies deserves a shout-out here.

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