Community Review: LEGO City Undercover

Last week was a bit of a bust for new releases so I found myself at a bit of a loss when choosing a game for this month’s Community Review. Then I thought, remember that two week period when all those great games came out at once? Didn’t you totally overlook LEGO City Undercover for another, more highly anticipated game? Yes, yes I did.

So let’s go back a little in time and talk about LEGO City Undercover.

I spent a little while playing this, not much, but enough to formulate the opinion that it was a well made, well written open world game. Technically it’s a game for kids, but it was loaded with genuinely funny movie references that only adults would get. It’s the Disney/Pixar thing: drop in the sly references for the parents playing along.

And I found the game itself well crafted. Obviously it’s light on challenge, but it’s enjoyable in the way most LEGO games are — flat, surface level fun that’s easy to engage with and perfect for sharing with someone who isn’t all that enthused with video games. In that case it’s sort of perfect for the Wii U. I enjoyed it.

What about you guys and girls? Anyone pick this up? How did you find it?

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