Community Review: LEGO City Undercover

Community Review: LEGO City Undercover

Last week was a bit of a bust for new releases so I found myself at a bit of a loss when choosing a game for this month’s Community Review. Then I thought, remember that two week period when all those great games came out at once? Didn’t you totally overlook LEGO City Undercover for another, more highly anticipated game? Yes, yes I did.

So let’s go back a little in time and talk about LEGO City Undercover.

I spent a little while playing this, not much, but enough to formulate the opinion that it was a well made, well written open world game. Technically it’s a game for kids, but it was loaded with genuinely funny movie references that only adults would get. It’s the Disney/Pixar thing: drop in the sly references for the parents playing along.

And I found the game itself well crafted. Obviously it’s light on challenge, but it’s enjoyable in the way most LEGO games are — flat, surface level fun that’s easy to engage with and perfect for sharing with someone who isn’t all that enthused with video games. In that case it’s sort of perfect for the Wii U. I enjoyed it.

What about you guys and girls? Anyone pick this up? How did you find it?


  • I’m really enjoying it. I’ve only played it for a brief period of time (approx 6hrs) and i’m really having a lot of fun with some of the really goofy aspects of the game. A rocket-powered snow plow at the end of a bank robbery – awesome fun!

    I think it’s a really nice step up from Lego DC Superheroes. Same kind of open world city, same kind of mission structure and layout. Big difference is the world is much prettier, the writing is funnier and the number of things to do is greater.

    The WiiU game pad is used quite well – if really only for somewhere else to keep your minimap. It’s the kind of game which i’d recommend to people if they already had a Wii U – but isn’t a reason to get one just yet.

  • Looking to pick this up for my young nephews. They really liked the very, very limited and supervised GTA jaunts, driving around a large city, even riding around on a horse in RDR, but I took control if it looked like they were going to run over someone. This’ll be perfect for them. This is only going to be released on WiiU though?

      • Dude, they’re both under 8! lol. I’ll teach them how to conduct a household insurgency with nerf guns against their parents, but I’m not going to tutor them in violent GTA mayhem. Not yet. Maybe after they reach 12yrs old…

        • just let them play the game, it wont hurt the, my friends and I played GTA 3 when we were about 7, didn’t hurt us.

          • It was a strict editct from their parents. They get a healthy dose of violence from other things, like footy. Anyways, I don’t want to unleash something on them their parents could turn against me…

    • Based on how graphically intense it is on the Wii U (massive FPS drops), it will likely be ported to the next gen xbox and PS4. There will likely be no official announcement until they’re both announced though.

    • I don’t think this game will ever be ported to other consoles. Nintendo apparently had a pretty big hand in helping develop/localise/publish it.

  • I haven’t played much yet but I did watch my girlfriend play through pretty much the whole game.

    My impression is that by moving to the city sandbox mode and away from the more fragmented mission mode, it has taken a step back. It just lost some of that vital structure that held things together.

    A lack of co-op is a massive blow. Derping together was always the best part of Lego games for me.

    The writing is cute. I had to explain a lot of references along the way. It also meant that I could call exactly how some things would play out long before they happened. Seeing as this isn’t meant to be a challenging or devious game, that’s not a positive or negative.

    The use of the Wii U game pad is novel but at some times seems pointless. Buying new costumes etc could just as easily be done on the TV. That just comes down to being released early in the Wii U’s life.

    Lego Batman 2 is a better game. This is still a good game.

    • I actually prefer the open world feel in the game as opposed to the previous games. I really couldn’t get into the previous ones (didn’t really like the LEGO batman games) but this game has so much charm & Life in it and I’m really enjoying it. Sure it’s not gonna win any award for outstanding visuals or outstanding stories but hey, it’s LEGO and its fun. What else could you ask for?

  • Best LEGO game I’ve played. I just 100% completed it last week and really enjoyed it. Great use of the gamepad and a much more well-realised world than I expected. So much to do! Loved all the jokes and references.

    The only real downside for me was the long loading times, but they never really bothered me TOO much. If you liked previous LEGO games, then you’ll like this one.

    • Oh, forgot about that. Load times! Man, what was with them, seriously? Between that and the slow OS load times, it makes me worry that there is some serious design flaw with some part of the hardware.

  • I played it for like an hour I got up to the part where you have to get the grapple hook, I won’t lie I really liked the feel to it however far to many games for me to play to focus any real time into it.

    If you have a Wii U I definitely reckon this is a must buy.

  • I’m a few hours into it. Loads of fun and actually funny as you pointed out. The gamepad usage is OK, but nothing amazing. It really has a map, an intercom and some scanning, and that could easily have been set aside to allow off-screen play. Also made me realise that the triggers are digital and they SUCK for accelerating. You’re never going to get a Wii U GTA or whatever that uses the gamepad, as driving will be impossible.

    Still it’s definitely worth a playthrough, and you can pick it up pretty cheaply around the place.

    • Update for the WiiU coming out soon that apparently fixes loading times for the OS. Hopefully it will fix it for games too!

      • Yeah I know about the OS patch, but they were still less than stellar in the video I saw, and I imagine they probably just optimised the hell out of the software that makes up the main UI. But this is one of those situations where I would be very very happy to be wrong, and hope that the patch does fix up load times universally!

    • The Wii U update that’s incoming this month is only for when exiting back to the main menu… It won’t improve the load times in this game.

      In saying that, they aren’t that bad… Annoying yes, but not crippling… Depending on how you play you likely won’t see a load time more than once an hour, you don’t see one everytime Chase “dies”, it’s only when starting or ending missions. Once you open free roam, you only ever see a loading screen when you enter the police station or load a previous mission.

  • Once you get past the insane loading times the game is quite fun. There’s plenty of humour, it’s easy to play and I can see myself hunting down all of the secrets and collectibles once the story is finished.

  • I used to own a C64 – the load times are no problem to me!

    Greta game. My five year old son and I played for a couple of hours today, and it’s easily the best Lego game I’ve played. Love the open world direction they’ve taken – freedom enough for the littlies without being overwhelming.

  • 10/10 for kids that love Lego. Lots of in-jokes for adults watching or maybe playing. Decent voice acting, interesting levels, lot of LOTS of discoverables. Ten’s of hours of game play, probably more if you want to get 100% complete. After playing the game I caught myself saying COMPUPER more than once 🙂

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