Congrats Devoted Fans, The Swimming Anime Is Now Real

Congrats Devoted Fans, The Swimming Anime Is Now Real

A month ago, the fandom around the “Swimming Anime” was based on an anime that wasn’t real. Fans didn’t care. They gave the characters identities, backstories, fan-art and more — all based on a 30 second clip! Some dismissed these efforts as ridiculous, but it seems it has paid off: the anime is now becoming a reality.

Check out the new promotional video by Kyoto Animation studio above.

This was the first clip, which wasn’t originally intended to promote an anime — it was just a promotional thing for the Kyoto Animation studio:

Unfortunately, it’s not called “Swimming Anime” anymore. It’s called Free. I realise that keeping it as “Swimming Anime” would be absurd, and yet absurdity seems fitting given how the anime came to be. I suspect most people will continue to call it Swimming Anime.

The official website for Free can be found here, and according to Nabe, the website stands for “Iwatobi Swimming Club”.

The characters now all have official names, and eventually, will have defined characteristics. Which kind of begs the question: can the Swimming Anime be as good as it was when it wasn’t real? When it wasn’t real, fans could project as much as they want — which is what made it fun.



  • Oh jesus… this is actually happening? o.O My poor tumblr -_- While I’m always up for new ideas for anime, I get the strong sense that the swimming is going to be overwhelmed by some… certain undertones. If they can pull it off however akin to KurokoBasuke with a good competitive swimming plot while still cater to the fangirl fantasies then more power to them.

  • oh god the cross continental rage at this thing become a reality is bloody hilarious, people are calling it the death knell of Kyoto Animation, calling for boycotts, etc. It’s one bloody anime that isn’t moeblobs, it isn’t the end of the world. . .

    I almost feel like wanting to watch it just to spite them.

    • Honestly not surprised by the polarity of views on this… Anime Fans can be quite resistant to change and incredibly passionate in voicing their views (Need I mention the Evangelion endings). Certainly I am more likely to watch this anime than some of the other stuff that comes out their doors (Such as lucky Star, K-on and whatever else they do).

      In fact I would probably watch it out of spite as well.. that and I want to see how they would go about creating a swimming anime based on a 30 animation reel…

      • To be fair, they could just as well take the easy-out of making it like every other high-school-club anime out there. I haven’t been a HUGE fan of anime for a while, but my oktaku little brother constantly points out the ‘good’ things for me to watch. And I know for every series I watch, he’s watched a dozen that he knows I wouldn’t tolerate.

        And even with the limited (few dozen) series that I’ve watched (and largely enjoyed), there are still definite similaries in plots, themes, and characters, such that it can be pretty easy to predict what ‘type’ of anime it is, and from there, how the story will go and which archetypes will make an appearance. A true connoisseur (let alone producer) shouldn’t have to work very hard to predict at all.

  • I had a feeling that the countdown would lead to swimbros. I will watch it if its cute boys doing cute things, but if its gay guys doing gay things then I’ll give it a miss.
    (There’s probably a less offensive way to say that, don’t take me seriously D:)

    • Really? After Endless Eight you want more? No, I’m quite pleased to see new original properties. Go and watch Angel Beats if you need more Haruhi, or go and watch Hyouka if you need a show based around Kyon.

  • As a male myself, I’m really not that fussed. KyoAni’s previous few series (most of them) have all centered around cute girls doing cute things, so I don’t see the problem with them going in this direction and giving the female fans some service, in fact, I’m certain the fujoshis are gonna go mental.

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