David Hayter: The Thought Of Another Person Voicing Solid Snake Makes Me ‘A Little Ill’

David Hayter: The Thought Of Another Person Voicing Solid Snake Makes Me ‘A Little Ill’
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Surely it was a joke? Another bizarre jape from Hideo Kojima. April 1 was pretty close, makes sense. Right? Right? But it’s starting to truly sink in that David Hayter will not be voicing Solid Snake in the next Metal Gear game. That makes us sad, and it apparently makes Hayter a little upset as well.

Over the long weekend he took to Twitter, discussing the situation and some of his thoughts on being left out of the game.

“So, I got in touch with someone involved in the production,” he wrote. “We got together for lunch, and he told me that they “wouldn’t be needing me” on this game. No reason, or explanation was given beyond that.

“And that was it.”

It seems a little unfair to a man who had a huge impact on defining precisely what the Snake character meant to a generation of gamers. In his post, Hayter discussed how much he enjoyed voicing Solid Snake, and how disappointed he is leaving the character behind.

“If it were my choice, I would do this role forever,” he said. “To hear anyone else’s voice coming from Snake’s battered throat, makes me a little ill, to be honest.

“To be clear, I love being a part of the world of Metal Gear. I admire its technological innovations, the gameplay, the political message of it all. But primarily, I love the fans of these games. Two grown men burst into tears upon meeting me at the Vancouver Fan Expo last year.

“Now that… Is a rare and excellent role. You know you’re making an impact.

“And I love doing it.”

Hayter was insistent on letting everyone know that, while he is not “lacking for employment” it was not his decision to leave Snake behind.

“But the truth is — it’s not my choice. Any and all casting decisions are the sole purview of Hideo Kojima, and Konami itself. And that’s fair,” he explained.

“But I didn’t want anybody to think that I was intentionally abandoning them.

“And know that I will miss this job, and this character, very much.”


  • Part of me thinks this is part of his salary negotiations.


    The joke is still going on


    Maybe it’s a refresh for the series. People will get used to the new voice actor.


    • Hayter gave up half of his own paycheck in order to bring back the original cast of Metal Gear Solid remake, The Twin Snakes. This is the reason why the voice acting in The Twin Snakes was almost completely redone with the same voice actors, one of the few differences being the actor for Gray Fox, Greg Eagles, who was replaced by Rob Paulsen. So I don’t think he’s negotiating salaries here. Dave has true love and passion for the MGS series and it’s fans, which most people in the same business lack.

    • If he wasn’t asked in the beginning then there was nothing to negotiate

      Seems like a weird joke

      Refresh makes sense. It never made sense why Big Boss and Solid had the same voice but Liquid and Solidus didn’t and Solidus was an exact clone.

      But if there is another Solid Snake game then Hayter has to voice him.

      • David Hayter doesn’t own the character of Snake, he’s just hired talent. Sure fans enjoyed it, but if the company wants to take the character in another direction with another actor, that’s okay too. Every cinematic adaptation or reboot does this. James Bond has been played by at least half a dozen actors and every single time the fans bitch and bellyache that their current guy’s still good for it. Even the ex-Bonds have the grace to wish the new guy good luck.

        Hayter shouldn’t be so possessive. I’m sure what makes him ill is the loss of an easy paycheque from a few hours in an air-conditioned recording booth. I didn’t get the impression that his opinion was derived from anything other than self-service.

        • After something like 10 games where David Hayter has played Snake, for the English audience, he IS Snake.

          I really don’t care if James Bond does it, it still sucks.

        • The Japanese voice actor hasn’t been changed so it isn’t really a reboot that’s just the lame excuse. Kojima has a huge ego (remember voice of God in mgs4 credits and Kojima is god in peace walker sound recording) Maybe he didn’t like David Hayter became an icon, a part of the MGS saga in the west the west with his amazing performance.

  • I can understand the reasons for replacing Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher in the Spliter Cell games. I don’t agree with it, or think it’s a good idea, but I get it.

    Replacing Hayter? I don’t get it. At all.

    Kojima has made some rather bizarre statements about the replacement:
    “It will be a new person, I can’t say who yet. What we’re trying to accomplish is to recreate the Metal Gear series. It’s a new type of Metal Gear game, and we want to have this reflected in the voice actor as well.”

    Which is odd, given that Akio Otsuka will be reprising his role in the Japanese dub.

    EDIT: When I say “odd”, I mean “bullshit”.

  • Well, at least he won’t have to rip his throat up anymore. It almost hurt to hear him at the end of MGS4.

    But it sucks. I’ve been told that a few times in my career “we won’t be needing you” and it always hurts.

  • Sad news, like masha said salary related. It’s not uncommon to hire someone cheaper. …… good old cost cutting

    • Hayter gave away HALF his pay cheque so they could hire back the original VAs for MGS: Twin Snakes.

      I don’t think his salary is much of an issue.

      • Anyone that is familiar with Hayter knows he absolutely adores the series. It’s bullsht that he’s being thrown to the side, I too would feel sick seeing someone else voicing Snake.

  • Mark, its not Solid Snake. Its Bigg Boss/Naked Snake. I though you were a Metal Gear fan.

    Their voices would have to change eventually, anyone who has play MGS4 would know that. I love Hayter too but it does make sense that this would happen, he will always be the voice of Solid Snake.

    • David Hayter has played Naked Snake/Big Boss in two whole games, compared to Richard Doyle’s few lines in one game.

      Ergo, Hayter is more Big Boss than Doyle.

    • I was thinking this. It doesn’t make sense for Big Boss to be voiced by Hayter after a certain point in the timeline. It seems we have hit that point.
      It’s like the hair thing. There seems to be a lot of transitionary hair in these MSGV trailers…

    • Yeah, but Richard Doyle voiced a 79-year-old Big Boss. David Hayter voiced a 42-year-old Solid Snake. Who is the clone of Big Boss and shares the same vocal cords and accent with. If Big Boss was a decade older maybe, or if they had Hayter voice him in the Ground Zeroes section which takes palce right after Peace Walker (which Hayter VOed in) and then had the new guy pick up after the nine-year coma that would make sense for a transistion and be a nice gesture of involving the guy whose uber passionate about your series and gave up half-his-paycheck so you could bring back all the original actors for a remake.

      • It’s Kojima’s vision and his creative choices are what matters. Don’t worry. It’ll be good with or without Hayter.

        Kojima has been making Metal Gear for how long and barely made a miss-step? The guy knows how to make a game. Have a little faith

        • I don’t know, not every choice has panned out well. The camo in 3 was a good idea but was a chore to use, automatically defaulting to the M4 and the Operator in 4 no matter what you had chosen.

          Hideo’s done a great job so far, but it only takes one serioues mis-steps.

        • Let’s be frank, it really isn’t that good. The gameplay is fun but repetitive and abstract. What keeps me coming back to MGS, more than any other factor, is Hayter’s passion for his work. He makes the character, the character makes the story, and so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest he’s the heart and soul of MGS.

  • At least they haven’t gone with Nolan North, as every other development studio seems unable to stop themselves from doing.

    • With Metal Gear nothing is confirmed. Considering Hideo’s record we could complete the Ground Zeroes chapter only to find out that everyone in The Phantom Pain but Big Boss is voiced by David Hayter.

      • I suppose. I’m really hoping this is some sort of publicity thing where we find out he does voice Snake or Big Boss when we play it. Doubting it though, but I can understand him not playing Big Boss, since Richard Doyle did in 4.

        But if Kojima doesn’t have Hayter play Solid Snake in a potential Metal Gear 1/2 remake/s then I do not agree with this.

  • If you really want to know(And this is a prediction based on the released trailer).

    The reason he is not involved, is because Kiefer Sutherland is secretly voicing the main playable character, and also a helpful side character(Ishmael), who are both clones as part of a twist in the story.

    This would not work using David Hayter, as it would be too obvious that the voices are alike.

    Kiefer hides his voice in the trailer, as whispers of an injured armless man.

  • Not buying it if Hayter isn’t voicing, THAT’S how important his is. And MGS is my favourite game series of all time.

  • It is pretty gay. I call BS on Hideo wanting to ‘keep things fresh’ — same characters, same look, same team… BUT not hiring the 1 guy that actually made Snake come alive all these years? It’s like trying to do an Uncharted game without Nolan North; it would just be plain weird. Also what happened to MGS4 being Hideo’s LAST MGS game… BS on that too.

    • He basically wants to do his own games, but he needed something like the Fox Engine to be able to pull off his ideas. But he can’t really justify spending so much money on a new engine for a new IP, so he’s using V to get the Fox Engine made, then leaving the series to work on new IPs with Fox.

      Although Kudos to Hideo admitting that he’s been saying that this will be his last MGS for the past decade and he keeps getting drawn back to it.

  • In the rare event this isn’t an april fools joke, I will not be buying the game. I’m sorry but Kojima is beginning to lose his touch if he seriously think excluding Hayter from the series is in any way a good idea. It’s absolutely stupid. I’m a huge MG fan but if tbjs turns out to be true I’ll be saying bye bye to the series forever. Period.

  • Kojima, man. I’m so disappointed, get David Hayter back on this. It won’t be the same without him. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Get it done, Kojima.

  • I’ve said it before, but first no Ironside in Splinter Cell and now no Hayter in MG…It’s madness i tells ya.

    • I can accept that though. Given Doyle voiced BB in MGS4 there has to be a transition to that voice at some point. A brand new actor for the sake of freshness doesn’t work though.

      In all seriousness though if this isn’t some joke I’m very much tempted change the voice language of the game assuming it lets you do it to Japanese with English subtitles.

      • After that damn coma, Big Boss can barely walk and everything, and he’s had nine whole years of not smoking, and not growling “Metal Gear!?” every half hour. So maybe his vocal chords have kinda healed a bit?

        • Is that David Hayter’s natural speaking voice, though? I assumed he was just putting on the gravel for the role. So unless he really speaks like that at home then I would assume that they could have just asked him to back off on the gravelliness (is that a word?) a bit rather than just throw him out with the garbage.

          • lol, he doesn’t sound like that all the time. But if I were him, I pull that voice out at opportune times.

          • It’s probably a sad indictment on me, but now I’ve got this very disturbing mental picture of him talking that way during intimate moments with his significant other.

  • What the hell…you mean this isn’t a joke? I know it’s a petty thing to not buy a game over but I just don’t feel comfortable buying a game where the central voice actor is changed for no good reason. I’m not buying the new splinter cell for that reason. Dunno, it just annoys me beyond belief. Trying to do something fresh is not a good reason for changing a voice actor when they have done a good job making the character iconic. If the reasoning was that Richard Doyle was Big Boss and David Hayter is Solid Snake, then that is a much more acceptable.

  • Why has no one seen that on hayters original tweet he had the date APRIL 1ST 2013 at the bottom??
    Come on people!! It’s not hard to see its all bullshite.
    He’ll be voicing snake

  • it’s been confirmed as two games, right? has anyone said anything about the voicing for ground zeroes? a bit of a case of what hasn’t been said methinks.my money’s on hayter in ground zeroes and doyle (or someone else) for the phantom pain.

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