Experiences With Gaming’s Shopkeepers We Can All Relate Too

Experiences With Gaming’s Shopkeepers We Can All Relate Too

Role-playing games have the power to coax even the most introverted hoarder / merchant from the recesses of our gaming psyches. You could be a master at combat or a silver-tongued diplomat, but eventually, we all bow to the mighty requisitioning abilities and endless money bags of our local in-game vendor. I mean, who else is going to buy all your boar livers or take you to the cleaners for incrementally better gear?

In the clip above, Cracked manages to condense most of the idiosyncrasies of shopkeepers from a range of games (as well as the customers who engage their services). I feel bad for saying this, but I couldn’t identify all the games / characters referenced in the clip. I got the obvious ones — Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and one or more Final Fantasy games.

That said, I’m confident though the collective knowledge of the Kotaku Australia hivemind can help me out. On thing I did notice is that no game from the Elder Scrolls series was referenced (not directly anyway); I’m sure sticking a bucket on the shopkeeper’s head and taking off with his goods would have made for easy comedy.

Why Shopping In Video Game Universes Sucks [Cracked, via Dorkly]

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