Guess Who Owns GAME Australia’s Old Domain Name?

Guess Who Owns GAME Australia’s Old Domain Name?

GAME may have shut the doors on its local operations almost a year ago, but bits and pieces of the company still exist. Take for instance the domain “”, a valuable chunk of online real estate. Rather than sit dormant, the name has been picked up by a large player… just not one directly involved with video games.

As Steve Wright over at Stevivor reports, deal site Catch of the Day — or more accurately, the creatively-named company behind it, Pty Ltd — snapped up the domain back in November 2012 (CAPTCHA required).

It goes without saying the domain would be ideal for a games-related deal site, in the same vein as Catch of the Day. Or, the company could have no interest in using it whatsoever and is simply cyber-squatting, in the hopes another party might purchase it from them for a fair bit of coin.

Registry Portal :: Whois Lookup [AusRegistry, via Stevivor]


    • Yup. I’ve actually only bought games from Catch after GAME AUS went under. I’m guessing Catch bought a crapload (if not all) of the games, and sold them for a tidy profit. Smart business plan, really.

  • That would be the most awesome thing ever, “game of the day”, i can see it now so many bargains to be had……

    • domains require an ABN, as well as a “reasonable reason” for having that name. Generally this means the domain must be related to the name of your company, or related to a product or service of your company.

      Something as generic as “game” can apply to so many companies and industries, so something like catchoftheday shouldn’t have a problem with this [they actually sell games and all]

      I do like this system though, it really does prevent a lot of cyber squatting which takes place. Also, WHEN it does take place, there are systems in place to report squatters or any breaches to auDA who will review and have the power to recall a domain.

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