Here's Skyrim Running On The Oculus Rift VR Headset

Reader Chris has one of the early development releases of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. He has done what the people want, and recorded himself playing Skyrim on the thing.

I'm trying to think of a better way to spend a rainy day, and I'm finding it hard.

Skyrim on Oculus Rift [YouTube]


    Can someone explain to me why these videos exist? It doesn't convey any sense of wearing the oculus, it is simply a duplicated video...

      If you unfocus your eyes to make a third image in the middle, then focus on that, You can actually see the effect pretty good. Though a lot of people find this pretty hard to do, Good luck :P

        Wow, what a mindfuck. That actually gave me a 3d-effect!

          Personally I always thought that's why they had two images anyway, cause you essentially see the same thing in both of them. Obviously its much easier with static images - If anyone else is interested this illustrates the effect really well.

    Skyrim on the Oculus rift. Now I am sold

    on my fry credit card

      Card Declined...

      Reason : Expired, I'm sorry sir, but you will need to contact your bank for a replacement! :p

    Just add PS Move controllers for the weapons...

      They have them already, the Razer Hydra. Direct game integration with the device and it it follows the movements of your hands fully 3 dimensionally as well as following your hand tilt/rotations/orientation. The Tuscany demo that came with the Oculus has direct integration and it's blowing ppls minds.

    Most average footage ever.

    Dude, go look over a mountain, or walk through a forest and look up at the canopy.

    Either way that's what I'll be doing when my dev kit gets here!

    Just skygasmed.

      So how can I get my grubbies on one of these headsets?

        I'm fairly sure you can buy the developer kit from their site. I think they're about $300.

        I'm going to wait for a few iterations until they sort out any kinks and add all the full range of movement. I think they said they were doing this for the commercial release. Probably best to wait til then.

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        The developer kits are already available (if there are any left) but you would need to know how to use the SDK to integrate it into other programs. It's not at a "plug and play" stage yet.
        The commercial version will have higher resolution screens, work out any issues and rumour has it include positional head tracking.
        There are plenty of youtube vids now that the developer kits are out in the wild.
        TF2 seems to have very good VR integration right now.

          A mate of mine ordered one of the dev kits last week & they told her that june is the earliest she should expect it.

          More than a little tempted myself but I'll wait for the commercial version with better resolution

    Clever gimmick, but still a gimmick. Improve the quality, get some industry people excited and build it cheaper and who knows, in a decade it could be a thing. But not yet.

      "Improve the quality, get some industry people excited and build it cheaper..."

      All of the items you mentioned have happened. Firstly they have significantly improved every single aspect of the device Secondly, Valve, MSFT, EPIC, Unity, EA & Ubisoft are all extremely excited about this and it is already in their hands. Thirdly, what is on sale is for dev's only, it is not a consumer pricing, so please, pray tell, what commercial-consumer pricing you are referring to?

        You mean the same people who were excited about 3D? This isnt the future, its an interesting tech demo until someone can make it fun and cheap. Like i said, maybe in a decade it will be a thing.

    Sorry I'm gonna be 'that' guy and say I'm not impressed. The other games did though. Why? It seperated the heads view from the hands, the rest of the body. The occulus let them literally look around independant of the guns etc. This is just replacing the mouse it seems. Look at the diff between this and TF2 or Mirrors Edge? Hopefully someone does a better mod for the rift. It's got great potential but that ain't it.

    What exactly am I looking at here?

    I'm going to check this out on my 3d tv, just turn on side by side 3d mode and put the glasses on. Should be able to see if things are really being rendered as a 3d image or not.

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