Hey Look, It's A Real Voxophone. Like The Ones In BioShock Infinite.

This Voxophone by YouTuber Jesse Demers won't give you background and exposition, like the ones scattered in Columbia will. Instead, it plays back some of the songs from the game -- like Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Here's what a Voxophone from Infinite looks like, for comparison's sake:

Demers says he made the Voxophone using oak and plexiglass, and the inside of the Voxophone holds an MP3 player and a 3W amp.

"You change the songs with 3 buttons hidden behind the left speaker cloth. It also plays music from Bluetooth devices and has a headphone input," he wrote on the video's YouTube description.

And if you're curious -- the Voxophone isn't actually playing the record. The record spins just for show, though he's trying to figure out how to add a needle to the Voxophone so it's more convincing.

My Working Voxophone [YouTube]

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    That looks really neat. A fun thing to have around the house.

    Now all you need to do is record your deepest, most personal thoughts summarized in a 30 second, dramatic monologue, and leave it randomly somwhere in the your city for someone to find.

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