I Am Completely In Love With This Hand-Made Star Trek Transformer Toy

Transformers are excellent toys — not only do you get a cool vehicle, but a combat-ready robot as well. Who's going to be all negative about a two-in-one plaything? No one, just like no one could have anything bad to say about this custom Transformer that can turn itself into the Enterprise E from Star Trek: First Contact (and later films in the Prime universe).

Painstakingly put together from various other toys by DeviantArt user Unicron9, the "Autobot E" can morph from warp-capable starship into a blade-wielding, shield-holding mechanical man.

It seems... unwise to use the saucer section as a shield — it contains a large portion of the crew — and wouldn't the resulting robot be able to use the deflector shields of the Enterprise E anyway?

(OK, I'm looking into this too much.)

Unicron9 also provides some interesting fan fiction to describe the creation's origins, if you're into that sort of thing.

Star Trek/Transformers Crossovers: Autobot E [DeviantArt, via Geekologie]


    That is amazing. I would buy it. Now someone just needs to create a transformer TARDIS.

      Going by my old Coke can "Transformer"* Coke-tron or what ever his name is that Tardis Transformer would be super easy to make... no less cool, but super easy to make. Maybe give it a bunch of extra heads to represent each Doctor.

      And a giant Sonic Screwdriver of course.

      *It's a Coke can that turns into a robot, it may not be an actual Transformer what else would a little kid call it?

      With a squarish prism alt mode? Easy. It'll just transform like that skyscraper transformer from 'Big.' I like this custom, I can spot bits and pieces from various other toys in it. Battle Blades Bumblee arms, movie Jazz's thighs, etc.

      Last edited 27/04/13 5:09 pm

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