In Case You Missed Supanova, Here's A Convenient Video Of The Best Cosplay...

Anyone here head to Supanova in Melbourne last weekend? David Pye did and, in the process, put together this schmancy little video featuring some of the best cosplay he saw at the event. It's rather good.

Even if you're not a massive fan of cosplay (or of cosplay posts on Kotaku — I know there are a lot of you!) this video is just super slick. I really enjoyed it for that more than anything. Also because of the incredible work that had clearly been put into some of the costumes.


    Yeah, but how can anyone not be a fan of cute Asian girls??




          Haha, those downvotes. Can't help it guys, I'm just not programmed to find their predominant features attractive.

            Fair call. Different strokes for different folks and all that. :p

      Dat Jav.

    That batman

      You should have seen the guy in the Batman Beyond costume... Now THAT was impressive.

    Holy Carp - that Twi'Lek girl! :|

    Also, I'm pretty sure they did a video in the exact same way for last years - it's still really well done, i say :)

    Also, Mannn I want a set of Stormtrooper armour!

    Awww yeah Portal cosplay with kangas! Loved the Zuko cosplay too, the scar looked really well done.

    Did anyone else wish they would start dancing to the beat?

    Cool video. The guy who did it really knows how to move a camera. Nice one!

    I remember seeing most of those people at least once or twice. Except for the Sword Art cosplayers. There was so many SOA cosplayers there, they started to blend together after a while.

      I appear at 1:45 :'D and yeah there were heaaaps of kiritos.

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    I went on the Sunday... shame there's no Lara Croft in this video (she was hanging with Snake when I saw her)

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG what did they do to the song!!!!

    Yay! Good going David! :)

    Glad you got the recognition you've been deserving!

    No Lara Croft?

      There were several throughout the weekend. All looking like the new look Lara

        Yeah, was just hopin' to see 'em on video.

    i think i might go to supernova next year dressed as pyramid head from silent hill

    Yeah Yoko and Kamina were cool. AWESOME Big Boss with the shield and everything!

    i guess one could be tempted to complain about queues, prices, commercialisation, guests, food, hygiene at events like Supanova, OzComicon, Armageddon - but one thing that can't be denied is the sense of fun, enthusiasm, and creativity brought by the folk who take the extra effort to cosplay.
    I'd like to see the video ArtificialDogma will make for PAX-AU... which is coming around the corner. I feel sorry for the troopers of the 501st though - no more Star Wars games until JJ Abrams gets to work for the mighty Disney machine... but then again, when he does get started; it'll be like the second coming.

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    That video was great... It let me relive the being at the convention all over again! And has inspired me to maybe try and do something in similar in the future.

    I took many photos of the people in that vid.

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