In Japan, There's A 'Girlfriend Coat' To Hug Lonely People

Behold, a coat. That will hug you. And whisper into your ear. Some Japanese students at the University of Tsukuba decided they'd put their effort into creating a coat that could give the sensation of being hugged from behind by their girlfriend. Make that, their imaginary anime-sounding girlfriend.

The result is called the Riajyuu Coat. The Japanese slang "riajyuu" means someone who is pleased with their life outside the internet. It's a mashup of the words "riaru", which is the loan word for "real", and "jyuujitsu", which can mean "satisfactory" or "complete".

The above video recently showed up on Japanese site NicoNico Douga. It seems somewhat tongue-in-cheek and not entirely serious!

Among university students and researchers in Japan, there appear to a handful of them who enjoy creating devices and machines that serve no real purpose, such as last year's robot butt. Well, maybe these things do have a purpose...

彼女が後ろから抱きついてくれる感覚を得られる画期的なデバイス [ニコニコ動画 via Internet Watch]

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    So... I'm just gonna' guess you've already ordered one.

    I'm right, aren't I?

    Well, girls buy "boyfriend shirts" which are just men's shirts so they wear and people think they slept over at their partner's and just borrowed his shirt. It's not as creepy, but just as sad.

    Clearly they know how silly their device is - it's a joke for them. But in some ways, it reflects a sad undercurrent of Japanese (and even, in some cases, Western) Life - the disconnect between people, the lack of intimacy, the struggle young Japanese people have to relate to each other. On one hand, it's clearly just a joke, but on the other hand, it makes you think about the dark social difficulties the Japanese are going through.

      Women just don't put out anymore... Even the ugly ones are waiting to hook up with the hottest guy in the room these days.

        Why did you get down voted? lol..

        Yeah they don't 'put out' at all, instead it's this absurd social game.

        Women let you know they're interested in such subtle ways, they expect the guy to make all the moves, take all the risks. This is so at any point in time they can flip you off. Zero commitment.

        Some girls are sooo used to making the subtle moves work for them, getting that reaction. When a guy doesn't seem interested the girl become paralyzed unable to express what they want, because they don't know any other way to express themselves.

        I think it will get worse, more men are getting educated.... that by merely touching a girls hand, it can land you in a court room with jail time and a criminal record. Some guys I know don't want this misunderstanding and drama, so they keep their distance -- sad really...

      Perhaps it's just by virtue of the peculiar things that get filtered through and discussed in the West, but collectively, the Japanese do seem like a very lonely people.

    it's the 80/20 rule and it hasn't changed. 20% of the guys get 80% of the women. It sucks for you if your in 80% who has to fight over the remaining 20%.

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