Is PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ Video Just A Giant Commercial?

Is PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ Video Just A Giant Commercial?

Well, PSY’s newest music video “Gentleman” looks like a smash hit. It also looks like it might be filled with product placements. Go figure!

As Kotaku previously mentioned, mobile game Candy Crush Saga appears in the “Gentleman” video for several seconds. There are rumours of a big payout. But this isn’t only alleged product placement in the music video.

According to Korea’s ISplus, Candy Crush Saga‘s developer is rumoured to have paid the equivalent of $1 million for a three-second product placement. In the “Gentleman” video, you can clearly see the game’s title and a second or two of gameplay.


If true, that would make this three-second product placement more expensive than a Super Bowl commercial. During this year’s Super Bowl, $3.8 million bought around 30 seconds of airtime.

PSY’s management is quoted as saying, “We have not heard about such an endorsement contract,” adding, “We aren’t even sure if the $1 million dollar amount is correct or not.”

News site MK is claiming that PSY was paid to promote Candy Crush Saga; however, the exact amount he received isn’t known. Keep in mind, PSY’s management seems to be denying these allegations. Noted!


In another scene, you can see Double A paper, which is a photocopier paper brand, stacked in the background.

It’s unconfirmed whether or not this is product placement. However, the Double A name is prominently displayed.


For some reason. But this might just be a kwinky dink and not product placement.

And in yet another scene, you can see a brand of beer called “Hite” and a brand of soju called “Chamisul”. According to PSY’s management, the alcohol was placed there free of charge as a token of gratitude. See, PSY is their spokesperson… Oh. Wouldn’t that be product placement?


According to MK, “Gentleman” hasn’t yet been shown on Korean television. PSY’s management said it would re-cut the video for broadcast to apparently comply with rules about how products are shown.

On Korean television, logos supposedly should be covered (there is apparently a grey area). The logos aren’t always covered, mind you. But, for example, you will see things like this:


싸이 ‘젠틀맨’ 뮤비 PPL 단가는? “0원” [MK — Thanks Sang!] ‘젠틀맨’ 뮤비 ‘3초 등장’ 게임, PPL 비용이 12억원? [ISplus]

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  • Have you never seen product placement before? It happens to be very effective for producing high concept videos.

  • I think we’re all missing the real message from this video, which is clearly ‘how to cupcake an asian chick’

  • Does it really matter, I would be hard pressed to find a music video that doesn’t have some product placement in it. Besides I’m would be fairly sure that people wouldn’t even notice such things until it is pointed out to them, like you have done here. Still seeing it now why would it change my opinion that their is product placement. Should I now stop watching every sporting, music and tv show because it has product placement in it…………….nope!

  • Product placement? In a film clip??!??!?!?
    This has never ever happened before in the entire history of mankind. Never.

  • LOL so what is your point? Heineken paid Skyfall 45 million dollars to have bond drink beer. Transformers? yea that movie didn’t have any commercial in it. Don’t be so naive. Are you just so bitter that they are making money? Also I think it one of the smartest thing ever because it promotes the whatever the product they are selling through out the world. People from all over the world watches this video $1.2 million dollars can be small price to pay for that game’s success.(IF they actually become popular)

  • So what? He’s a “sellout”? Please, this is reality. Even if the song was meant to be like a commercial, just be glad such a well-done commercial was made.

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