It Seems Like GlaDOS is Still In Pacific Rim (Which Still Looks Great)

I can't remember where I heard this rumour, but someone mentioned to me that the GlaDOS-esque voice in Pacific Rim, voiced by Ellen McLain the same voice actress, was going to be replaced after everyone made a big fuss. But new footage of Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster-mech monstrosity has been released and GlaDOS is still there! (Also: the movie still looks great).

I'm a sucker for mech movies/anime. I'm also a sucker for movies that clearly have a video game influence. Pacific Rim hits a bullseye on both these targets. Also -- del Toro is awesome. I'm hyped for this one.


    I read somewhere that the GlaDOS voice is only for the trailers, and will be different in the actual film (but still Ellen McLain)

    I hope that isn't true, the world needs more GlaDOS

      Hell, I think that was actually a Kotaku article... Here we go! Found:

      While GLaDOS actor Ellen McLain will supply an AI voice in Pacific Rim, she will sound different from the trailer. For that, Del Toro said he specifically wanted GLaDOS’ voice running down a power-up checklist before the mechas go out to confront the monsters. He even sought (and received) Valve’s permission.

      “I wanted very much to have her, because I’m a big Portal fan,” he said. In the film, however, “The filter we’re using is slightly less GLaDOS. Slightly. The one in the trailer I wanted to be full-on GlaDOS.”

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    I remember reading somewhere that del Toro got Valve's ok for it to actually be GlaDOS in the movie as a kind of cameo role. I'll try to find a link that confirms.

    I feel like this is as close as I'm going to ever get to seeing a BattleTech/MechWarrior movie. It's a step in the right direction, but… *sigh*

    and no, Robot Jox doesn't count.

      Oh man, a BattleTech movie would be so kickass.

        The whole story and universe is ripe for it, but I dunno if it'd sell.

    This looks like an American take on Evangelion.
    Aliens attack Earth, humans fight in mechs... not saying it wont be cool, but why 2 people in the same mech? Seems a bit silly when they could have had 2 mechs.

      So that when one is in a coma, the other can splooge in their hand over them?

      Two people in the same mech? You'll never see that in EVA. Ever! Prove me wrong internet ;)

    Sounds like Godzilla with Mechas and the plot from Independence Day, just without Will Smith.

    Also... Was that Ron Mutha F**king Perlman at 1:47?

    Normally my cynicism would kick in and be relayed in my comment when it comes to movies like these, but the geek inside just said "F**k that! This is gonna be awesome!!!!!"

      My cynicism still kicked in when I heard this guy starting to make his speech. God, what is it with Americans and their bloody boring cringe-worthy speeches?

    I though that wad already established when they showed the trailer at the movies a few months back. Though the trailer was ordinary then. Have to see the new one. Then again cant judge by trailer.

    This movie looks like it's going to be atrociously bad... And I don't care, I'm going to go in, shut off my brain, and enjoy the big flashy lights and explosions.

      Agreed. This will be horrific. As long as it's not as horrific as Battleshit then it should be OK.

    *correction the Trailer looks awesome. But for a US summer blockbuster that is a bad sign for the movie.

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    The voice in the most recent trailer seems a little less GlaDOS, so perhaps that is the final voice, Del Toro did say it would be slightly less GlaDOS-y

    hoping the trailer was more like this...

      Sadly it will never be like that because Pacific Rim has two wanky looking pilots doing synchronised dance fighting... seriously the stupidest idea in film I've seen in a long long time.
      The rest of the movie could potentially be passable if it wasn't for that bit

    My Fiance will be delivering our first baby sometime very close to the beginning of july... I'm going to have to find a way out of the house for a couple of hours.

    I hope she doesnt get too mad.

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