It's Just Like Playing BioShock Infinite, Only With More Heroic Clicking

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you, the ultimate struggle for air superiority (or against air superiority?) spills over into WizKids/NECA's HeroClix universe. I cannot wait to pit old guy in suit against Wolverine.

Along with old guy in suit, possibly the most exciting HeroClix figure ever created, just about everyone that matters in BioShock Infinite will be represented between the 6-figure starter kit and the 24-figure Gravity Feed set. There seems to be a vacancy in the giant bird creature department, but I'm sure there's something a bit bigger in the works there. At least they've got horse.

Outside of a few City of Heroes collectors edition premiums, I don't own a single HeroClix figure. I might need to fix that. I mean come one, horse!


    Damn, the quality of those Clix figures really has increased dramatically since the early days...

      These are the original molds that they use for advertising. The models you actually get from heroclix kits are usually warped with shifted paint.

        Damn :( So they don't look anywhere near as pretty... bugger.

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