Japanese Teens Are Now Playing Fake Quidditch

Japanese Teens Are Now Playing Fake Quidditch

Well, that escalated quickly. First, Japanese schoolgirls started uploading photos of faux Dragon Ball moves. Then, Westerners replied with Star Wars style Force Grips. And now?

Japanese schoolboys, it seems, are now uploading photos of imaginary Quidditch games. Quidditch, of course, is the broomstick-based team sport from the Harry Potter books. Why “imaginary”? There already are Muggle versions of Quidditch, that’s why.

Recently, on 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board, a photo of ballplayers from a high school baseball team enjoying Quidditch went viral. The image was retweeted thousands of times, and it seems to have inspired a handful of other schoolboys to take up flying broomsticks, too.




In Japan, students are responsible for cleaning their classrooms and also the school itself (for baseball players, this would also mean the field and the clubhouse). Thus, students have easy access to brooms, making phony games of Quidditch possible. After Dragon Ball and Star Wars, photos influenced by Harry Potter, which is very popular in Japan, would be the next logical step, no?

The top photo isn’t the first “Playing Quidditch now” (クィディッチなう) pic to hit the internet. In February, this photo (below) popped up on Twitter.


And then, there’s this photo of Russian soldiers “flying” through the air. Honestly, I don’t know how old it is (I’m sure there are other “old” Quidditch pics!), and these photos recently emerging out of Japan probably didn’t influence the Russian troops.


Still, the recent photo trend has gone from Japanese schoolgirls to the outside world and now back to Japan. We’ve nearly come full circle. Isn’t the internet magical? Yes, it is.

この野球部wwwwww [2ch]

あき, はにゃれん, とらちゃん, げろげろーす [Twitter]

Meanwhile in Army [English Russia]

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  • Fact: Kids will consistently do new, weird things. It’s what drives consistent innovation and makes generations different.

    Fact: Constantly posting about what “Japanese teens” are doing shows more about what YOU’RE into than what THEY are into.. Haha ^_^

  • I wish the morons that write these stories would actually check the facts before they put them up.

    It’s called ‘Pottering’ and was allegedly started in Australia, the recent Asian posts are just that, the most recent. Basically the author of this article has seen the Asians doing it, and because it’s the first time he has seen Pottering, he has automatically assumed that it was the Asians that started it, no more research required.

  • They play “fake” quidditch? As opposed to legitimate, “real” quidditch? Maybe they didn’t have J.K. Rowling umpiring, so it wasn’t a regulation game.

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