Japan’s Female Mecha Pilot President Is Getting A New Game

Japan’s Female Mecha Pilot President Is Getting A New Game

Guild 01 for the 3DS was released last year as an anthology of games by four notable game creators. One of those games in particular is getting its own spin-off.

Liberation Maiden was a shooting game from the mind of Gouichi Suda (Suda 51), creator of games like Killer 7, No More Heroes, and the upcoming Killer is Dead. The game took place in a world where high school girl is elected president of New Japan and pilots a giant flying mecha to free New Japan from an invading neighbouring country.

According to Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu, coming later this year, Liberation Maiden: SIN is being developed as an adventure game for the PlayStation 3, by 5pb. Games, the creators of such adventure games as Steins; Gate and Robotics; Notes. The story is set to take place after the events of the Guild 01 version of Liberation Maiden and will introduce a large cast of new characters, including a new male protagonist, Kiyoto Kaidou. The previous protagonist, Shoko Ohzora, will be in the game, but more likely in a potential heroine role.

According to Suda, the idea of making an adventure game out of Liberation Maiden was both sudden and smooth. Apparently Chiyomaru Shikura, CEO of MAGES. (the parent company of 5pb. Games), approached Suda and said “Liberation Maiden is a really fun game.” To which Suda replied, “Want to do something with it?” after which talks to make a new adventure game adaptation took off.

Apparently Suda, who is credited as both original creator and supervising editor, will also have a hand in the scenario writing for Liberation Maiden: SIN. Hopefully it won’t deter him from his duties in the development of Killer is Dead and the upcoming collaborative game with GungHo.

Liberation Maiden: SIN is scheduled for release later this year. No word on an international release, but as it is a text-based adventure game, chances are less than great.

『解放少女』がPS3でアドベンチャーゲーム化 [ファミ通.com]


  • I’m a PS3 owner, and as happy as I am to hear this… I feel it would make more sense for it to be on the Wii U. If it was the same game, the touch screen on the game controller would be a great match. Then Again… 5pb has never made a game on Nintendo hardware…ever.
    Ganbatte Suda51!

  • “…including a new male protagonist…”

    How, exactly, do you make a Liberation Maiden game without it most prominently featuring a maiden liberating things?

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