JB Hi-Fi: You Are Good At Starcraft II Jokes

JB Hi-Fi: You Are Good At Starcraft II Jokes

JB Hi-Fi is renowned for its often hilarious staff reviews, but this joke is altogether more subtle.

It’s good. It’s very good. It plays on the idea that the box is empty, because it’s on shelves. It’s taking things to a new level. It gets the Serrels stamp of approval (a thing I just made up).

Thanks to Leigh Stark for the picture!


    • it really depends on the employees, if the employees get it then you’ll find the store to be great, if they’re just there to work then the store will be pretty dead pan.

      • This is true, but a lot more of this stuff is coming out of JB than the competition, suggesting at the very least that they are better at selecting staff.

          • This is exactly it, most JB managers allow and encourage their staff to be creative and think up funny stuff for signage and the like, most other outlets just put up print outs from head office.

          • Yep – the quality varies from store to store, but some of their movie and game reviews are hilarious, and find it adds to the shopping experience,

  • The staff at my local JB are fantastic. They know their product, dont bother me when im just browsing, and are always happy to help with an inquiry. And the most important thing of all, no asking me to sign up for bloody promotions or mailing lists if i decide to purchase something!

    • This. I can just buy my stuff and leave without a stupid game guarantee (I have been gaming for 21 years and have never broken a disc) or some stupid marketing club.

    • Yeah I like that you get a “Hello, can I help” at the beginning of your visit, then left alone until you are ready to ask a question, perfect service. Though not JB staff, there is a new model at the flagship Sydney store in Westfield Pitt St where manufacturers have stalls and man each stall. meaning every fucking stall you go to you get the same “hello can I help you” kind of annoying after the 3rd or 4th stall. That store has everything you need though, it’s electronics only, brilliant shop.

  • im glad you guys like this 🙂

    Im actually the staff member that did this, im at work now, just browin kotaku 🙂

    regulars will know me as the games guy with stretchers

    our managers are really good with letting us express ourselves with reviews and signage.which really makes our jobs a lot more fun.

  • Way more businesses need to let their staff be who they are, it’s not just good for business to treat people like people, but good for a more happy healthy society. It’s the main reason i’ve stayed where I am now for so many years now.

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