Just Like That, Jedi Knight Code Has Been Removed From SourceForge

Just Like That, Jedi Knight Code Has Been Removed From SourceForge

Just a week after Mark broke the news that Raven Software had released the code for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, the source for both games has been removed from hosting site SourceForge. So where did they go?

Softpedia noted the missing projects a few days ago, but provided no explanation for the disappearance. However, SourceForge community manager Rich Bowen later commented on the story, stating that it was at Raven’s request that the codebases were taken down:

It’s not technical difficulty or project updates. The projects have been removed, at the request of the developers at Raven Software. For further comments, I’d suggest contacting Raven directly.

While Raven has yet to comment, it’s been suggested legal issues are to blame. According to a post on the Inside3d forums, which appears to be from developer Rich Whitehouse, the original source for the games contained code for the popular Bink video decoder from Rad Game Tools, along with a few other proprietary tidbits.

It’s unlikely Raven would be in a position to open source these and as such, took the projects down to rectify the problem. Again, this has yet to be confirmed, but seems to be the most probable explanation.

In the meantime, a fork of Jedi Academy, called OpenJK, is available on GitHub with the aforementioned code already excised.

Raven Software Asked SourceForge to Remove Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast [Softpedia, via Reddit]


  • But its been on long enough for one person to download it all, and because of that its now forever in the hands of the internet.

    • Not to mention it was quickly put onto GitHub by a number of people, and thusly forked tens or hundreds of times.

  • Who cares.. It’s not like it would be some fantastic game with a new texturepack or something interchangable like that.. It was a clunky, substance lacking game highly regarded when viewed through the rear view mirror of our youth.

    What value is there in a game with bad game mechanics (with the exception of being one of the first games to offer a full suite of RPG style ‘skills’ in the Star Wars universe), with incredibly bad sound effects and graphics..

    Maybe.. I dunno.. Someone really.. Needs.. That… Er.. Blaster model…

    I get their intentions were in the sake of fun – but it going missing is hardly a tragedy.

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