Man Arrested, Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up His School Via…MMO

Man Arrested, Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up His School Via…MMO
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18 year-old Thomas Frongillo from Oxford, England, has been arrested and charged with “threatening to commit a crime and threatening a bombing or hijacking” after being accused of leaving hostile messages in an online game run by Jagex, the publishers of Runescape.

While the game in question is not disclosed in a report on The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Frongillo – a student at a local police academy – is alleged to have typed “I’m shooting up my school tomorrow”, and also of having made anti-Semitic comments.

The comments in question were first picked up by Jagex employees last week, and quickly forwarded to local police.

Fongillo’s lawyer says the comments were meant as a “harmless jest”.

Oxford man charged in threat against college [The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, via Game Politics]


  • “Fongillo’s lawyer stopped for a moment, then walked out, unable to defend such stupidity. Even for the money”.

    Fixed it for you.

  • Just an example of extreme stupidity which will no doubt ruin his Police career over what I assume was just a distasteful joke.

  • I think you are making too much of a joke about this.
    There are cases of people publicizing thier intentions online beforehand; and also of people discussing acts in game chats becuse it is not as regularly checked.

    • Yes, then there is also a million of those very same cases that result in nothing because they are the result of meaningless typing.

      • Yes that is generally the case, but do you ignore the “threat” and hope nothing comes of it? Or act on it and find out nothing was to come of it or possibley stop a heinous crime from being commited. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Whelp. That guy’s life is pretty much fucked for good now. On the plus side, at least will it serve as an example to any other tools thinking the same thing is a ‘funny’ or ‘cool’ idea.

  • Probably was done in jest, but authorities need to take such threats seriously. I cannot believe a police academy candidate could be so stupid as to do this. How was he even let into the academy? Don’t they have a minimum standard of intelligence?

    • It’s pretty easy to make the police force. You just have to be reasonably fit. I know quite a few idiots from high school who have since become police officers.

  • Quickly, we all have to disprove video games = violence so that they can beat the racism horse in the media for a bit. That “he was being anti-semitic” line has almost as much weight behind it as anything directed at the alleged link between games and violence.

    In semi seriousness though. If everyone acted out everything they said they were going to do in an MMO there would be a sudden spree of raped mothers, dead kittens and a mass outbreak of cancer with unspecified origins.

    We know that science and religion have restraining orders out on each other, I think it’s about time that video games and reality follow suit. I am a mentally unstable mid to late 20s male who has a full time job and plays anywhere between 40-100 hours a week worth of video games and I have had zero desire to go on a murderous rampage with a high powered firearm. I am not an exception that proves the rule either as the world population that plays games is immense and the tragedies that are allegedly influenced by video games are such a small drop in an ocean by comparison.

  • Hrmm.. arrested is going to far if there was no way for him to have committed the crime. Put under surveillance, questioned about the incident, premises searched for firearms.. all these are ok.. but why are they wasting time and money on this ridiculous stuff? He’s a young, adolescent (yes I know he’s 18.. but that’s still young and lacking in maturity) person acting out.. that’s all.

    If on the other hand he actually had firearms or bomb making equipment in his possession, well fair enough.. but from what I am reading.. he didn’t.. he only said what so many angsty, impressionable, immature “children” say when they are frustrated in certain situations.

    This has gone WAY too far.. just think about it objectively and logically for a moment rather than getting caught up in all the moronic hysteria.

    • If you read the original article, they did search his home and found several legal firearms owned by his father and he had also posted comments about how he been shooting at squirrels the previous day. So yes, he did have access to firearms and had shown a knowledge of how to use them.

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