Man Busted With Pot-Stuffed Pac-Man Machine

Man Busted With Pot-Stuffed Pac-Man Machine

Luis Tyler, a small businessman from Orangeburg, South Carolina, needed a creative shipping solution for acquiring 25kg of a common agricultural product. So he asked that his vendor stuff it inside a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, which the cops knew all about, of course.

Tyler, according to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, was busted by federal police and local deputies on an undercover operation. They saw him take delivery of a Pac-Man machine crammed full of marijuana and cuffed him on April 16.

But Sheriff Leroy Ravenell is a witty guy. He waited until April 20 — yessir, Four-Goddamn-Twenty — to announce the bust. And the irony doesn’t stop there.

“Our efforts to make Orangeburg safe will not stop,” he said. “We are and will continue to investigate the criminals in our community and make arrests. You may be looking for a high score, but what you’ll get is game over!”

Tyler is in the slammer with bond set at $US75,000.

Pac-Man Video Game Packed with Marijuana [Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office — Thanks Scott P!]

Picture: OCSO


  • Just legalise it ffs, how much money did they sink into busting this guy, and for what? So a bunch of teenagers/uni students/hippies didn’t have anything to make the 106th rerun of that simpsons episode funny. It’s insane.

    • People will look back in years to come and wonder how we could’ve been so stupid, to spend so much time and money criminalising such a harmless behaviour.

    • So people dont shove harmful chemicals into their own bodies?
      That seems like a good reason to ban the stuff.

      • I don’t need you or big brother telling me something is bad and I can’t have it. I’m an adult. The choice is mine.

      • Yeah we should illegalise alcohol, ciggarettes, sugar and caffeine while we are at it. That shit can screw you up.

    • Are you serious? I had a friend who did pot frequently for several years, and it triggered a psychosis and now he has a recurring mental illness because of it. It might not affect everyone, but it ruined his life.

      • I know many people who have sever psychosis from alcohol, and yet we are allowed to choose whether to do that or not.

      • I have a friend who entered a rave once and had an epileptic fit. It ruined his life, now he has to wear a helmet to work because of insurance and has a recurring mental illness because of it.

        This is literally the logic you are using.

  • Poor guy. I find it insane that in one state you can walk into a store and buy all the green you want, but in the next state over you go to jail. And they wonder why their prisons are so overcrowded…

  • I’ve heard of stoners playing games while high, but this is ridiculous!

    EDIT: either that or he decided to make the world’s biggest bong.

    • Its all about saving power. Smoke enough and you don’t need to plug it in to play. You get really high scores, too.

  • “You may be looking for a high score, but what you’ll get is game over!”

    HA! Oh man, brilliant. I bet he thought he was the wittiest guy on the force after busting that one out.

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