Meet The Incredible Fighter Who Taught Himself Using Tekken

Fans of MMA most likely already know the name Uriah Hall. He’s been the clear standout fighter in this season of The Ultimate Fighter and has already put two top class fighters in hospital with some seriously brutal knockouts. Turns out he actually started learning to fight by playing Tekken every single day and trying to copy the moves as best he could.

“I walked in and they were impressed with my kicks and the way I would just pick up stuff and they were like, ‘where did you train?’” he says, in this pretty insightful interview with Vice’s new MMA section Fightland. “I said, ‘I never trained before’. I was embarrassed to say that I played Tekken all day, copied the moves and that’s how I learned. I would play that video game so much. I’d go into practice mode and have the characters… the computer spar me back and forth like regular training. I’d just keep playing until I see something… visually it was almost as if my body just adjusted to it so when it came time to spar moves that I would see would come back like that!

“Everytime I saw a cool move on Tekken, I would just practice it till I got good at it and when I did it in training people said, ‘what the hell is that!’”

This is a clip of Uriah in action. Be warned — it’s pretty brutal.

Uriah Hall has decimated every fighter he has faced so far in The Ultimate Fighter tournament and fights in the final this weekend. Many observers, including his trainer on the show Chael Sonnen, believe he is already a contender for the UFC Middleweight title, which is currently held by the consensus best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Anderson Silva.

Fightland Meets Uriah Hall [Fightland]

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