Microsoft Want To Revive ‘Heroes’… And Run It On Xbox LIVE

Microsoft Want To Revive ‘Heroes’… And Run It On Xbox LIVE

As far as I can see here there is one bad idea, and one idea I’m not quite sure about.

Microsoft, via MSN wants to revive the TV show Heroes. That’s probably a bad idea. That show got old and weird after a great first season. But running a high end TV show with decent production values to promote the multimedia capabilities of the Xbox? That might actually work.

According to TV Line, sources state MSN is interested in relaunching Heroes. I remember the tremendous buzz that show had when it was first shown. I also remember everyone getting really confused and tired of it towards the end. Talks are apparently in the preliminary stages, which means… nothing really in the grand scheme of things. But still, interesting to see where Microsoft’s focus is for Xbox LIVE. On TV.

Exclusive: MSN/Xbox Eye Heroes Revival [TV Line]


  • It’s an interesting idea running a tv show straight through xbox live … I think something like Defiance might’ve faired better, mostly because you would have the audience from the MMO

    Still … eh, everyone wants a piece of the multimedia pie

  • Watched season 1 for the first time recently. My god, it was awful. Would have been awesome with eight fewer characters and 12 fewer episodes.

    And it gets worse? Dude… 😛

    And now it’s coming back?!

    • The first season was a lot better than I expected it to be, which is probably why I remember it more fondly than it deserved.

      I think that conceptually, a comic book like TV show that doesn’t fall into some of the bigger comic book issues is pretty damned neat. Then you throw in the Summers Family nonsense from Xmen with the Petrellis. Then you get rid of the “anyone can die” aspect by having a handful of people with magic blood (which is conveniently forgotten about some times) and a hefty dose of Joker Immunity.

      Heroes could have been good but it kept going.

      It also held the record for most pirated TV show before Game of Thrones showed up. I wonder if that factored into things.

    • I liked the first season, but you’re right, it could have done with less simultaneous character arcs happening.
      Season 2 was affected by the writers strike, but even without that it got confusing and boring. It was a really big shame, cause I was so hyped for the series and it fell apart so quickly.

  • I’m probably in the minority that wouldn’t mind seeing it come back. I loved watching Heroes when it was on, read all the mini-comics as they were released, absolutely bought in to what they were going for and what they were trying to do. Yes, it got a bit stale towards the end, but then there’s so many other shows out there that keep on keeping on long after their use-by dates that I didn’t particularly care or mind.

  • Yes, it did dip a little in quality, but it also got way better in my opinion. I really liked the third and fourth seasons better the the first. What I didn’t like about it was how it ended. I want to see the fallout.

  • I never watched Heroes so I’m really more interested in the idea of Xbox Live potentially becoming a platform for not only delivering but also publishing content. We’ve had smaller series that started out of Xbox Live such as The Guild, and Netflix is now publishing it’s own content such as House of Cards and Arrested Development season 4.

    There’s no reason why Xbox shouldn’t get in on this.

    • I don’t know… they could spend that money on making some new games instead. I really don’t like this focus on TV/movies… there are any number of other devices and services out there that I can use for that.

  • Really enjoyed Heroes S1 S2 until the writer’s strike – it lost momentum and I never got back to it. Maybe one day I’ll catch up, now the DVDs aren’t too expensive. See how it all turns out.

  • Screw doing Heroes 2, just do a Hiro series, he was the only really interesting character in the show after season 1.

    • I really liked the idea of Sylar. What I’d like to see is the future they show where Peter and Sylar are just walking around being powerhouses, that seemed like it would make a cool mini-series, not just an episode or two

  • Guess I’m another in the minority that would love to see this show come back.

    Yeah, it had a major dip in quality, but I was still enjoying it, though there were probably over 20 plot lines that they just abandoned halfway through & left hanging as the series went along.

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