New Super Luigi U DLC Coming Later This Year

New Super Luigi U DLC Coming Later This Year

Nintendo has just announced via Nintendo Direct that its new DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, titled New Super Luigi U, will be landing in the third quarter of 2013. The DLC will feature shorter stages redesigned with replayability in mind — with a default timer of 100 seconds — although the familiar world map from the original game will be used.


  • This makes me really happy. Not for this game in particular but because it represents the embrace of DLC for their main franchise title. New racecourses for the next Mario kart every so often, imagine that!

    • I don’t like it. The idea that years down the track, the “complete” version of the game will no longer exist to anyone that didn’t buy it at the time is an awful one. Even moreso that if your console carks it, it’s just gone.

      • It would be nice if once the dlc is released they started printing disc based versions of NSMBU with the dlc included, but that probably wont happen or maybe there might more dlc down the track for it, either way its unfortunate that we will probably wont get a complete disc version.

        • Basically.

          Also I learnt long ago that games that don’t actually “exist” have no value to me. Where if I buy something and it sits there on the shelf, I feel compelled to play it. But if I buy something and it just sits on the hard drive, hidden away amongst the rest of my files, I forget it’s there and it never gets played. Most of the humble Bundles I’ve bought are doing that, and it’s help put me off digital purchases – especially console-based ones. At least with PC releases I can move the .exe around to wherever I need it, make multiple copies, etc.

  • If Nintendo starts doing the DLC thing….. I will probably suck it up & buy it, though if I were in their shoes I would start some kind of subscription service.

    $10 per month, and all proceeds go to making new levels for existing games, new characters, translations of foreign games, game fixes, ports of PC games that fit Nintendo’s style, etc.

    For this $10 you as the subscriber would get an online nintendo magazine every month, instant access to all new levels & characters (with non-subscribers getting them 3 months down the track), and free/discounted copies of every game the subscription funded team ported.

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