New Superman Movie Trailer Actually Has A Lot Of Superman In It

New Superman Movie Trailer Actually Has A Lot Of Superman In It

Here’s a new, rather long trailer for the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel. What kind of cruel world takes away Russell Crowe and gives a boy Kevin Costner as a father?


  • Gotta say, I am more excited about this than I am the new Star Trek.

    Possibly because there hasn’t been a good Superman movie since Superman 2.

  • I’m sure that this is going to be great and all, but do we really need another origin story? It’s Superman, do you know how you handle Superman’s origin story at this point?

    Like this.

    One page, four panels, eight words. Done.

        • I would also like to see this. That would be my biggest complaint with Man of Steel – They’re using Zod again. I mean, it’s better than Luthor but at least Begins used a villan not depicted on film before.

          • This depends. They’re starting with a smaller villain. Why start with the climax villain? They’re building to Darkseid apparently. They’re seeing MOS as a trilogy at this point, looking at Darkseid as the ultimate villain. Rumor has it that Brainiac, Darkseid and Metallo will make their ways into future movies as Snyder believes that villains truly should be SUPER.

            Spoiler next btw…

            Lex Luthor apparently briefly pops up in this movie, played allegedly by a guy who played Luthors clone in Smallville
            This will set Lex up not as the Lex you’ve known before, but as an evil corporate magnate. Also, this film has ZERO kryptonite in it. Why? Because its not needed. Kryptonite will come in later, possibly to do with Luthor himself and his obsession over Superman, which makes absolute sense to me.

            *GASP* Now those tasty spoilers are done. There’s a rumor the movie has a teaser at the end about WB’s next DC movie and what it will be. No idea if it’ll be a JLA movie (possibly?) or Flash, Batman, GL, Wonderwoman, just that they did confirm this is a universe they WANT to start expanding as all that badass stuff exists in this universe. 🙂

            Except RR GL, he should die. In a fire. A scrotum consuming fire.

        • Unfortunately Darkseid will never translate well to a 2hr movie for the general public, just like his doppelganger Thanos is probably not going to be anything like he should be other than in looks. Mongul or Brainiac would be an easier sell than a dark god with an epic scope. Hell, I just want a Doomsday or equivalent. He’s the perfect enemy for a Superman movie villain. He can’t be reasoned with or have his compassion appealed to, and Supes can’t look for the potential good in him like he does with Luthor and his regular villains. He either wins in brutal, unrestrained combat or he’s going to die. Plus you can have him created/unleashed by a smarter villain if you require some scenery chewing dialogue from a scheming big bad.

          • Doomsday is a better movie villain because he’s simpler but the other thing to remember is that you can introduce a lot of lore in a single movie.

            There are so many movies out there that introduce whole worlds with heroes, villains, complex world politics and conflicts and what have you, in around two hours. If someone can’t write a script that introduces Darkseid and then ends with Superman punching him so hard that he ends up embedded fifteen kilometers into the Earth’s mantle, they just aren’t trying hard enough.

          • If Superman ever outright wins a fight with Darkseid, then the writer has no idea who Darkseid is and shouldn’t be writing him. Even the DCAU understood that – and speaking of, they took a long time to seed & build up to Darkseid in Superman TAS. I stand by saying you just could not do it in one movie and have it be anything other than Darkseid in name only, particularly if they go straight to a fistfight with him – unless… they blow a lot of time on setting up Apocalypse and who & what the New Gods are. Screw it, make a Fourth World movie.

          • I didn’t say that being plowed through the planet would kill him, just that I want to see it.

          • And I didn’t say anything about killing him, just that Superman can never win against Darkseid unless you do away with what makes him Darkseid in the first place. But yes, slamming him through a ‘world of cardboard’ is awesome-sauce.

  • Am I the only one here considering kidnapping Russell Crowe just so he can talk to you in that voice all the time.

  • I think DOCS would take away your children if you were Russell Crowe. The guy has serious anger issues and is an all round jerk.

  • Hyped up for this. For those complaining about the film going over his origins again, I think the intent here is to set up the correct perspective on his origins. In previous films, Superman was just this boisterous, all american boy scout. This version seems to want to skew him closer to the conflicted outsider position they’re working with in the comics. Which is the right way to go if they want to team him up with others in the Justice League. You’ve got Hal Jordan for the over-confident type, and Flash for the people-person.

  • Honestly Superman is one of my least favourite superheroes… i’ve always thought he was one of the wimpiest and stupidest characters DC had. But im pretty pumped for this movie. It almost looks like they’ve taken all the campy-crap I hate about Superman and thrown it out the window. It’s about time.

    • agreed. im not a big superman fan either but with snyder at the helm i’m keen. i love dawn of the dead, 300, watchmen and yes, even sucker punch. i love how he shoots action. no shaky cam. no 50 edits a second. you can actually see whats going on

  • mwh. rusty is a bad choice as jor-el. trailer still hasnt wowed me.
    dc hasnt hada decent movie made on their character stock since the batman begins.

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