Nintendo Won’t Be Having A Big E3 Press Conference This Year

Nintendo Won’t Be Having A Big E3 Press Conference This Year

For the longest time, E3 has been for many people about one thing. Well, three. The three major press conferences from each platform holder.

This year, there won’t be three. Nintendo is sitting this round out. Sort of.

Citing the success of its Nintendo Direct events, and a desire to focus its presentations for different sections of the market, boss Satoru Iwata has said at today’s investor Q&A that instead of staging a single major press conference intended for everyone, the company will instead hold a number of smaller events at E3, such as one for distributors and one for Western press, which will be behind closed doors.

“At this year’s E3, we have no plans to reveal new hardware, and the main focus will be announcing games and providing hand-on play”, he said.

Iwata himself won’t be making the presentations.

As for how information is going to be distributed to the consumer/fan at home, Iwata says the company is still looking at the best way to do this, and will announce more concrete plans at a future date. Japanese fans following at home will get their own Nintendo Direct during E3.

Given the fact the company released its new console last year, and that this year’s E3 will be dominated by Sony and Microsoft’s newer machines, it’s perhaps understandable, if also a little sad. Some of my – and yours, Im sure – best E3 memories are of the big Nintendo conferences, whether for good or bad.

2013年4月25日(木)決算説明会 [Nintendo]


  • Staying up late or getting up early to check the news. Good memories (except for that really bad one a few years ago).

    Maybe the smaller event for the press will be more about the games and not the “blue ocean strategy” and “momentum and sales” and santised fake gamer pics.

  • I think this is a pretty good idea, if they only have games to announce it doesn’t make sense to stand there for an hour and rattle off a list of games. Not to mention they can do their own presentations via Nintendo Direct, like last week when they dropped the bombshell of the new Zelda game for 3DS, which otherwise probably would have been saved for E3.

  • Honestly speaking, given how the past couple of E3s have gone, I actually think this is a really smart move. Shift the focus away on marketing and business statistics and back towards showing us just games with the press getting hands-on action. Hell, while we’re going to get news of the PS4 and Xbox somethingmabob, if a third of that has nothing to do with how the console is going to improve my gaming experience (read excessive mention of social media, convergence of media, how many units last year sold etc etc) then yeah, it’s not going to be a good conference.

    The expo scene has changed over the last few years, E3 included and it’s a good I believe Nintendo is trying to shift the focus back onto getting people to try their games first hand. Announcing games is one thing, getting to play them is another, and given their success of announcing titles via Direct, focusing their E3 on demos would make sense.

    • You are right to a degree, but I feel the presser still has a place. It’s a hype generation machine, where sites, magazines and even mainstream media cover what has happened in a condensed sample of what is on the floor. It’s still going to be the place a major announcement is made, a New Final Fantasy, Zelda… Kinectimals. Mainly because the press is there in large numbers.

  • I presume they’ve made this decision not only because they don’t have any new hardware to announce, but also because their competitors do. Microsoft and Sony will likely reveal a lot about their new consoles, but Nintendo has nothing comparable.

    • That’s what I figured too,

      Mostly likely Nintendo don’t want to have their news overshadowed by these 2 systems

  • Look, I’m sure their marketing gurus know better than me, but it just feels like they are conceding. These pre-show press conferences are the headline makers, where the rapid fire delivery of news builds hype to a crescendo… Smaller conferences will feellike only MS & Sony turned up, especially against the backdrop of both PS4 & new XBox announcements. Surely a proper conference & superb demos are not mutually exclusive? Maybe just another indication of the slipping relevance of E3….

  • I hope this means announcements are going to be made (with videos) on upcoming games soon then, and then have them playable at E3. Sounds like a logical move to me.

  • Nintendo should be at E3 to prove why people should want to buy a WiiU rather than wait for the PS4 and Xbox3. It just seems like they’ve thrown in the towel and written off this console generation.

  • honestly makes sense.

    they have no new console, they’ve already announced enough stuff at Nintendo directs, and continue to do so.

    meanwhile both playstation and Xbox will have new consoles to show off, so no matter what nintendo shows rally couldn’t compare to the hype of a new console.

    so think about this, what would you rather, no Nintendo E3 presentation? or a shitty Nintendo E3 presentation?

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