Nintendo’s Reply To Lack Of Aussie 3DS Game Stock Is Predictably Uninformative

Nintendo’s Reply To Lack Of Aussie 3DS Game Stock Is Predictably Uninformative
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Vook’s Daniel Vuckovic recently queried Nintendo’s local office over a lack of stock for certain high-profile 3DS games, in particular Luigi’s Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. He’s since received a reply, but it’s not as information dense as one would have hoped.

Vuckovic first posted about the situation on April 24, after gathering information on stock levels via online store fronts and reader-submitted photos. Sufficed to say, it makes for sad reading, especially if you’re a gamer trying to get your hands on one of the aforementioned titles.

On April 26, Vooks heard back from Nintendo Australia regarding the issue and while it acknowledged the lack of stock, it didn’t really elaborate:

Due to the current demand for recently released Nintendo 3DS titles in Australia and New Zealand some retail stores may have limited stock.
We would like to apologise to any consumers who have been unable to purchase a physical copy of those titles titles [sic]. Nintendo Australia is working hard to replenish stores as soon as possible.

It’s better than no reply at all, sure, but one would assume Nintendo’s local office would have some idea of when stock levels might improve — I’m sure we’d all have appreciated even a rough timeline.

Have you spotted Luigi’s Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the wild? Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with your fellow readers!

Nintendo Australia comments on 3DS Game Stock Issues in Australia [Vooks]


  • Oh, so that explains why I couldn’t find any (cheaper) copies of those games…..
    And here I thought that luigi’s mansion 2 was just insanly popular or something xD

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS seems to be the only title I rarely see, I still see plenty of copies of LM2 and Fire Emblem in my local stores.

    Didn’t even know their was shortage issues.

    • My local EB Games has quite a few copies of MH3…in digital download format. They have cases and everything, but they’ve marked on all of them that the purchase is for a download code.

  • They can’t really respond any differently, though, can they? Even if they are aware when stock should be replenished, the vaguer they are, the safer they are.

  • Where I am, EB Games likes to go out of stock a bit, but I just head next door to JB HiFi and they always have stock. I love the mentality that people’s first port of call is EB Games, makes it easier for me.

  • Given how little sway Nintendo of Australia have in any aspect of the running of this company I’m not surprised Australian’s have to scour far and wide to find some of Nintendo’s most sought-after titles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nintendo simply do not care for the Australian & New Zealand market, their train of thought most likely is we should be happy with what little they do give us.

    To be honest I really do feel sorry for the poor guys working at Nintendo of Australia, they get all the flak for the company in general treating us like crap and they couldn’t help us even if they really wanted to.

    • Having formerly worked in the relevant retail sector and having spoken with some of their local reps, this is absolutely true. Nintendo Australia are basically a front for Nintendo Japan, and so can’t actually do anything themselves.

  • it really is horrible, when I went to buy FE:A they had no copies because they hadn’t yet arrived, and when they did arrive they only had enough to fill pre-orders without a single shelf copy, and this is despite having requested more stock.

    same thing happened with the circle pad pro for the XL, except they weren’t allowed to order stock of more then one at a time, which meant they couldn’t even fill their pre-orders for over a week.

    it seems to me that nintendo are under-estimating the demand in this country by an incredibly large margin and as such the merchandise they do give to retailers get’s hoarded like a penny in the vault of Scrooge mcduck.

  • Only place I could find those games were the unfortunately overpriced EB Games. Target had display copies of Luigi’s Mansion, but they were all “sold out”.

  • This exactly. Last week I turned 3 different cities in Victoria upside down looking for a Physical copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening for me and a Physical copy of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for a friend, EB Games, JB HiFi, Target, K-mart, Big W, no games, every store only got stock to fill pre-orders, no new stock coming in for at least a week, no one knew when they were getting stock, so what do you do? Go home and download both, retailers miss out on their cut, but what else can you do? But just think for a second. What if this was Zelda? What if this was Metroid? What if this was Smash Bros? What if it was Pokemon? This is not a good road Nintendo is heading down…

  • Leave retailers short of stock and consumers unable to find the game they want. Push them to download it digitally instead sending full RRP straight to Nintendo without having to give cuts to retailers and such.


  • I work at JB. There is a shortage of all Nintendo stuff, although Nintendo is in love with EB games. They do not like JB at all, and they are very small company here in Aus and not as helpful as they use to be. I have no monster hunter on 3ds no fire emblem and one copy of luigi, I have been told more stock will arrive mid May for the first two, as for luigi no ETA on more stock.

  • JB Hifi at Strand Arcade in the Sydney CBD had multiple copies of Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Fire Emblem Awakening when I was in the CBD today. I don’t recall seeing MH3 for the 3DS, but I wasn’t really looking…

  • Since when has ANY Japanese company given even half a shit about anyone but Japan? They region locked P4 Arena, they region lock any 360 game that’s only ever going to be released in Japan anyway and every Japanese product in Japan is overpriced to the point of being laughable.

    Stop supporting them and give em’ the finger. If they don’t care about us, why should we care about them? I mean seriously, they actually had the audacity to region lock a PS3 game (not Nintendo obviously).

    Ultra nationalistic xenophobic BS. Japan is worse than America when it comes to nationalism. Screw them and screw EB games.

    That is all.

  • Once they (Nintendo) realises the success of globally releasing and distributing things fairly through Pokemon X/Y, they’ll hopefully start doing the same for all future titles.

    That’s what I hope for, at least.

  • Funny I never remember living on the dark side of the Moon, per capita Australian’s own more mobile phones, cars, TV’s, gaming consoles, and more on electronics in general then the rest of the world. So there is no reason not to have stock.

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