Oh Boy, Heavenly Sword Is Getting A Movie Too

Oh Boy, Heavenly Sword Is Getting A Movie Too

Yeah yeah, Ratchet & Clank is getting a movie. Good news for fans of the series, but more exciting for me is word that as part of the same deal, 2007 brawler Heavenly Sword is getting a movie made as well.

A straight-to-home project, it’s “a CG-animated film”, which might be cheaper but is also a bit of a bummer, seeing as the game’s 2D art was so stunning.

Still, that’s a minor hang-up. It might have been a ho-hum game, but as was their speciality before DMC, developers Ninja Theory could easily offset that with beautiful design and great characters, rounding it all off with top-shelf voice acting.

It’s a game — and world — that’s long deserved something like this. And who knows, if it does well, what’s to stop them moving onto Enslaved?

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