Pre-Order The PS3 Version Of Diablo III And You Get To Grind Faster

Pre-Order The PS3 Version Of Diablo III And You Get To Grind Faster

The PS3 version of Diablo III has an “exclusive pre-order bonus” — a phrase that makes me cringe every time I see it — and it’s called the Infernal Helm. It’s an artifact that boosts your experience rates so you’ll level up faster.

Blizzard just announced the bonus today, along with news that there’s no news on a release date for the console version of Diablo III (which could be the definitive one) just yet. Just “later this year”.

So what do you think? Worth pre-ordering?


  • It’s probably only a 5% bonus. And levelling isn’t what’s important in Diablo 3, it’s about farming for gold.

    Good god I hated that game.

    • not really considering that the increased XP will only be about +5xp as it will be a lvl 1 helm. thats 5 extra xp per kill, not 5% extra xp per kill

    • Thats a bit of of up yours to the pc people who helped beta test the game

      Fixed that for you.

      • I love how irrational some gamers get about other platforms encroaching on their turf.

        Diablo II came out 13 years ago, they had nearly 12 years to build the PC version of Diablo III and there will be at least 18 months between the PC version and the console version(s).

        Do you SERIOUSLY think that Blizzard spent years and years working on Diablo III on the PC, knowing that PC gamers, who are their biggest fanbase and most secure source of income, would simply be “beta-testing” a nerfed version of the game so that they could make an unproven console version which would be released more than A YEAR AND A HALF later? I think if that was the strategy you would have been looking at a 6 month gap between releases at the most.

        If Diablo III sucked on the PC, that’s a development issue. I don’t see how it’s some kind of paranoid conspiracy to give console gamers the “benefit” of getting the game 18 months after it was a big deal.

        • I actually really enjoyed Diablo 3 on PC, but lately with the poor quality of drops the game has become a stale wasteland. They’re doing a lot of “Quality of life” changes in the next patch (Identifiy all, craft all) which will make the game a bit less tedious to play.

          Considering the console version is getting all the improvements the PC version had on day 1, plus an offline mode, it’s hard to not call the Diablo 3 PC version a beta test for the console version. Let the PC players work out what needs to be fixed, release the finished version for console.

          • The accusation from a lot of PC players using the “beta-testing” argument is that the game systems as a whole (player limits ect) have been designed for the console version. You don’t spend (up to) 12 years developing a game for your primary, established fan-base and then mess with it so you can release a version on a system which isn’t traditionally well-suited and then not even announce it until 12 months after the intial hype has died off.

            The always on stuff was wrong when they did it on PC so I’m not going to turn around now and say it’s wrong that they aren’t inflicting it on console players. To be fair though I’d say a higher ratio of PC’s have some form of internet access than consoles as well as much higher piracy rates. The internal infrastructure of a system like Xbox Live means that attempting to play a pirated game online just once is liable to brick your whole system or delete your account so the need for DRM is much lower.

            The addition of fixes from the PC version is a common sense addition and something you see in the vast majority of ports which show up late. It would be a far bigger scandal if they WEREN’T included in the console verisons. It’s like Xbox players arguing that Mass Effect was just a beta for the Playstation version because they got the DLC included on disk (years later).

            I’m not saying that Diablo III isn’t a good game or that it’s not a flawed game (both now and at release), just that PC gamers looking for another excuse to blame consoles for everything are off the mark this time.

          • I’m not saying that Diablo III isn’t a good game or that it’s not a flawed game (both now and at release), just that PC gamers looking for another excuse to blame consoles for everything are off the mark this time.

            In the off chance I came off as a PC elitist, that was not my intent… I own all modern consoles, and enjoy playing games on every medium.

            It’s still very hard though to see Blizzard treating console gamers like royalty by removing the always online, which is the only thing the PC players have wanted since the games release.

          • D3 was a dumbed down modern console title released on PC first for ease of testing.

          • It’s more that Blizzard are telling PC gamers, “Yeah, we’ll fix all the complaints you have for the PS3… but we won’t fix it for you. Because fuck you.”

        • It’s not so much about them screwing PC players, then giving something good to PS3. It’s more like…

          “Hey. Wanna buy a ham sandwhich? It’s pretty awesome.”

          “Yeah, I already bought a ham sandwhich from you yesterday, but instead of giving me a ham sandwhich, you came around to my house and shat on my bed. I can’t get the stains out of the bed or the smell out of the room. I’m sleeping on the couch.”

          “Oh. Right. Yeah. Sorry about that. I was a little fucked up on meth. But still. New sandwhich! No shit in it whatsoever, see? Visual sample! Wanna buy it?”

          “You didn’t give me a refund. OR clean my bed. Could you please do either of those, and maybe I’ll buy your sandwhich… again?”

          “Yeaaaaaah… no.”

  • That’s f*cking lame.
    You would hope nobody would buy it and reward them for this crap… but some idiots will.

  • Good god no. Also, that cover art looks a lot more like Deathwing from WoW than it does Diablo.

    • You actually can play ‘offline.’ But I agree, its a big Eff-You to PC gamers.

      That being said, I’m very likely to purchase this.

  • Oh good god, get over it PC gamers. You all have such a pathetic sense of self entitlement and laughable delusions of elitism. A console release has absolutely no impact on you what so ever. No one forced you to purchase the game, the developers have every right to release THEIR game where ever THEY damn well please.

    Thank god you people have no say in this. LOL @ PC gamers. So pathetic.

    • I like the way you ended that rant with such a well thought out generalisation.

      Luckily console gamers could never be so petty about other systems.

  • hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

  • My gut tells me that their market research showed that console users would more likely be turned off the game with the current exp gain rates compared to PC gamers. IMO console gamers tend to be more casual hence the relatively short playing times on campaigns 6-10 hrs.

  • Looking forward to this. I own an old Macbook pro which is not good enough to play this thing so YAY! That, and I don’t want to buy a new PC because they are a waste of money and suck big fat dogs balls. Owning a “gaming rig” would endanger my physical relationships I have with all the hot women I know. I only use my Macbook for torrenting porn and word processing resignation letters anyway. For everything else, I have my phone and my PS3.

  • I am so sick of “PC gamer” being used like it is a race of people.

    If I own a high end PC (my preferred platform) and all the consoles since Mega Drive does that make me a Gamer Halfcast?

    • Personally, I think that anyone who considers themselves a “gamer” would own more than one platform.

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