Report: EA Shutting Down Its “Partners” Label

Report: EA Shutting Down Its “Partners” Label

Game Informer is reporting that Electronic Arts will soon be closing down its “EA Partners” label, a program that saw the publishing giant release games from external studios like Valve and Crytek.

It’s also how two upcoming games – Insomnic’s Fuse and the first game from Respawn, the studio set up by ex-Call of Duty developers – are due to be published, though the report says the label’s closure has no effect on those games.

Some of the biggest games to be released on the EA Partners label include Rock Band, Crysis and the retail release of Valve’s Orange Box.

Sources: EA Partners Facing Closure [Game Informer]


  • That’s quite surprising, maybe because of the emerging digital-only market has pushed EA Partners out of business?

  • I don’t see this as happening…

    Although they don’t end up owning the IP, it’s not as though they’ve really been marketing those games effectively.

    Given the required sales numbers before they start profit sharing I could see it being less popular with developers though.

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