Report: Will BioShock Infinite's DLC Introduce A New Character?

According to a 2K employee's LinkedIn profile, BioShock Infinite's upcoming DLC may feature a new AI companion, reports Eurogamer.

A line in the employee's CV, which has now been removed, referred to his role of "providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character" in the game.

Despite having my own issues with BioShock Infinite, I feel as though Irrational really did a great job of bringing Elizabeth to life, so I'd be excited for any upcoming DLC featuring a different AI companion. That said, it's probably not worth getting your hopes up at this stage — "AI companion" could mean anything. It could just be a new, different type of vigor. Who knows?

BioShock Infinite DLC to feature a new companion [Eurogamer]

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    Is this post-main-quest, or an addition to it?

    Last edited 30/04/13 9:57 am

      With the power of tears, anything's possible.

      By definition, nothing can take place "post-main-quest".
      I'm guessing it's a prequel or side-story.

    Please be a combat assistance character. The Elizabeth who helped with vigor combo's and such in the early trailers would make me purchase on day 1.

    Bugger just being a new AI companion, I want different people's stories from Colombia. Booker & Elizabeth's story is done and doesn't need to be meddled with, I want to see some other people now

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