The Evil Within Will Be More About Using Your Brain Than Your Gun

The Evil Within Will Be More About Using Your Brain Than Your Gun

Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series is making a new survival horror game, The Evil Within. You’ve seen the trailer, now let’s see what the man behind the madness has to say about it.

The Evil Within — titled Psycho Break in Japan — will supposedly be a return to the more “horror” side of “survival horror”. Mikami spoke with Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu, about the upcoming game and gave some hints to what players can expect from it.

One of the focuses in the game looks to be the disempowerment of the protagonist. Unlike the Resident Evil series, where players took the part of special forces members trained in the use of firearms with machineguns and rocket launchers, the main character of The Evil Within will be a detective, Sebastian, out of his element in a strange and twisted world. “The game is less about searching for a culprit, and more about being hunted and trying to find a way to survive.” Mikami explained. Mikami also pointed out that while Sebastian would have a gun, it would not be the focal point of his survival. “There are a multitude of traps set throughout the game, so players will be able to use those traps as well in order to defeat enemies. You can use you gun of course, but the game is set so you don’t have much ammo. I want players to think up strategic ways to survive using traps and their surroundings instead of just wiping out enemies with guns.”


The survival horror genre has changed from the days when you would shoot a zombie and have to wait to ready your gun for a second show while the zombie would continue to lumber towards you — an intentional game mechanic of the first Resident Evil that was developed to add tension. Through the years, a focus has been placed on the action and entertainment elements of survival and less on the fear. “To be honest, survival horror is difficult to establish as a game.” Mikami said. “Do you emphasise the entertainment and focus on the enjoyment of defeating enemies? Or do you emphasise the creeping fear? It’s a genre that’s difficult to balance out, but for [The Evil Within] we’re focusing on the portrayal of ‘horror’ in our development.”


Of course, a non-stop barrage of fear and scares can make a game less enjoyable to play. One way around this drawback of horror is to add an element of exploration to the world. “The story starts in an asylum. You wake up wondering ‘where am I?’ And from there, the player has to solve the mystery by their own hands.” Mikami explained. “The game will have the enjoyment of exploring the world. There are situations where you start out in a hallway, but end up in a different world. This sort of world that changes in real time serves to haunt the player.

The Evil Within Will Be More About Using Your Brain Than Your Gun

The Evil Within is slated to come out for the PC, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 4. It will most likely be made available for the next Xbox when more details on that system are released. The game is expected to come out in 2014. According to Mikami, the bulk of the game system has been completed, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we have a playable demo to check out.

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  • This looks very interesting. I very much enjoyed the overwhelming odds and constant state of fear I would be in when playing the original Resident Evil (RE2 was fantastic also)

    Its all well and good they want to emphasise the ‘survival’ of playing a Horror game, but like this story says I do not want to be ‘entirely’ powerless. Adding an exploring aspect of this game is quite intriguing, it leaves me curious as to how the protagonist will experience different parts of this ‘world’ and the real one.

    • Agreed 🙂 What made the original RE’s work so well was that fact that regardless of how YOU the player felt, the character you were playing as was never scared or powerless, which meant it made sense for them to hang around and open the next door instead of what any normal person would do.

  • It might be more about using your brain than your gun, but I hope they still give us the option to shit our selves, start firing randomly at shadows whilst screaming, until the ammo runs out and we curl into shivering ball of neuroses in an ever-expanding circle of urine.

    Just like my attempt at CoD multiplayer.

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