The Last Of Us’ World Isn’t Exactly Puppies And Rainbows

The Last Of Us’ World Isn’t Exactly Puppies And Rainbows

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  • I wonder how different this game would have been if it was pushed to the PS4 instead?
    I also hope that it isn’t to much like the Uncharted games, or I might not be too happy when I give it a play :3

    • Honestly, and maybe I’m just getting old or something, but I can’t imagine it looking any better than what it already is, at least visually. I’d imagine if they made it exclusively for the PS4 they’d have a bigger budget to work with in terms of hardware limitations, but I just can’t imagine it looking any better than it already does.

      I don’t know, maybe it’s just the art style rather than 100% photorealism that makes it look so good to me.

      • To the Average gamer I would agree with you totally it wouldn’t look that different. Plus I think that a lot really depends on what that devs do with the resources they have at their disposal.
        I haven’t looked to see what the PS4 is going to be hardware wise nor do I know if the details are out, (nor do I care). But I would “guess” that they might have the ability to start using tessellation in their production process which would really push the graphics side of things and make a lot of objects, characters, visual effects etc look much better than current.
        In saying that my PS3 is more or less just a blu-ray player and with the PS4 the only thing that really interested me was the next Killzone game. PC ftw really :3

  • I’m mostly a PC gamer these days, but you can bet I will be firing up the PS3 when this gets released – can’t wait!

  • Hoping it’s not a linear cinematic fest where you’re simply led from one set piece/cut scene to another by a funnel like level design.

    Also, please tell me the framerate isn’t that horrific.

    • I hope so too, Uncharted is known by it’s linearity but aside from that, you shouldn’t worry about the frame rate, i have seen gameplay before and the framerate is great, this footage is probably affected by the video compression. Naughty Dog would never release a game with this atrocious framerate just for graphic fidelity.

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