The Many Memes, References And Homages Of Guacamelee!

To say that the game Guacamelee! contains a few references would be a massive understatement. The game is absolutely brimming with them.

While playing the game for review (which should be coming soon) I kept track of whatever hat-tips, homages, and internet memes that I could find in Guacamelee! Most of them should be pretty obvious. A few of them may very well be paranoia on my part.

Fair warning: Contains joke spoilers.


    A game that relies on memes to be funny, isn't going to be humorous in the future.

      You mean, isn't going to be humorous _ever_. This totally put me off the game.

        A game that relies on memes... A 'funny' game made by someone without a sense of humour of their own.

    A lot of these aren't memes, just references.

    What I really wanna say is that I am really pleased how well "Insanity Wolf" translates into Español. "Loco Lobo!" It's pleasing on the eyes.

    Guys are you looking at this shit? Come on. Loco Lobo. How is that not great?

    This is awesome, dunno why you people are bitching

      Have you not posted in the comments section of this website before? People will use whatever excuse they can to bitch about something.

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