The Most Exhausting Way To Play Team Fortress 2

Remember Omni, the virtual reality/treadmill hybrid that allows you to walk and look around naturally in a game — like Skyrim? This time, Virtuix, the folks behind the tech, are back with footage of the Omni, Team Fortress 2 and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset running all at once.

This is as immersive as you can get — and it makes playing TF2 seem potentially exhausting.

Can you imagine running around as the Scout for extended periods of time? It would be a workout! Would you play Team Fortress 2 like this?


    looks like a CoD players first TF2 game.
    Otherwise, very cool.

    If this took off, I could see an explosion in the number of people playing as sniper :D

    Guess i could, but couldn't see myself playing it for more than 30mins or so compared to usual 5-6 hrs i would be play TF2 on the PC. Only thing though is the two screens, i was having trouble trying to focus on them, actually watching one screen. Is that what the oculus will be like ?

      It only appears like that on the monitor, 2 screens because there are actually 2 screens right up close 2 your eyes, but since they are so close displaying essentially the same image, it generates depth. Also worth noting that visually when you put the oculus rift on it is not displaying some far off screen in front of your vision to look at. Your entire field of vision is in game. That includes your peripheral vision, you can peek out of the corner of your eyes without moving your head and you will see the game generated as if you are actually looking around using your eyes. This is accomplished because the round outsides of the display(as seen in the video) are distorted, to coincide with how the human eye works.

      Nope, the Oculus is providing a different image to each eye, the brain will put them together, it gives the player depth of vision. 3D stuff.

    like the old skool timezone VR machines lol

    I'm going to have to mod myself a few out of breath and heart attack animations if i'm going to play like that.

    Though I like to play the heavy, so maybe its not so bad

    I so wish I was that dude. Why can't I be that dude?

    It'd be a shitload more fun than Wii Fit, I'll tell you that much right now.

    How about a small electrical shock every time you die?

    Or would that be better for UberCharge?

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