The Most Iconic Moments Of The Mass Effect Trilogy

The Most Iconic Moments Of The Mass Effect Trilogy
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The Mass Effect series is a true space opera full of interstellar battles, irreversible decisions, sprawling story-lines and so, so many defining moments. The events of the trilogy could fill twice as many games and novels as there already are.

The story of Commander Shepard is over, which creates a good opportunity to collect — in no particular order — all of the most impactful moments in the series. Let’s check some of them out:

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for all three Mass Effect games!

The conversation with Sovereign in Mass Effect:

Garrus, our favourite Turian, had way too many great moments to list:

Going through the Omega 4 relay:

Shepard kills Kai Leng in the craziest way possible:

Captain Kirrahe’s speech amidst a thunderstorm in Mass Effect:

Shepard had some great speeches too:

Watching the Normandy get destroyed during the opening scene of Mass Effect 2:

Mordin’s unexpected Gilbert and Sullivan performance:

Mordin’s curtain call:

Grunt showing Shepard his strength:

Fighting against Reapers:

Reapers invading Earth:

Squaring off against the Shadow Broker:

Meeting The Illusive Man for the first time…

…and seeing him one last time.

The final space battle, with all hands on deck:

The list could go on. There are so many great, chilling moments. What was your favourite one? Is it missing from our list above? Tell us in the comments.

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It’s Mass Effect Week at Kotaku. All week, we’ll be taking a look back at the last five and a half years of galaxy-saving heroism, cross-species romance and awkward dancing.


  • all thease mass effect articles are making me depressed

    I can deal with the ending and everything fine so long as I take the mythbusters aproach and “reject your realtiy and substitute my own”

  • Because you can never have too many articles on Mass Effect it seems. What’s this, number 5 for today?? Has Kotaku-US got some kind of sponsorship arangement to spruik a “Mass Effect Week”?

  • Mordin’s curtain call will forever be at the top of my personal list. Unquestionably the best moment in the entire trilogy. Plus, it’s equally good if it’s his replacement, Padok Wiks.

  • While there are so many great moments I’ve gotta say I think the opening to ME2 is definitely up there for me for most impact. Once the credits rolled on ME1 I knew I’d just started an amazing journey (and that tune on the credits was awesome), so when I loaded up 2 I was thoroughly excited for the next chapter. As I’d tried to avoid as much spoilery info about ME2 before it released seeing the Normandy be destroyed in the intro, with Shep being jettisoned to space, was quite the shock. It was definitely one of those, mouth agape, “whoah” moments.

    Aww man all these ME articles are making me really wanna blast into another playthrough of the whole trilogy! Soon sooooooon ^_^

  • Been loving Mass Effect week so far. I hope you do an article that focuses on fan creations at some point. They are sometimes more epic than moments in the games.

  • The Geth looking up after setting the bomb on Eden Prime, walking through the Normandy at the start then seeing your face after an hour work and just going “awwww crap, ugly duck lipped freak again!”.

  • There are plenty of great moments, but in terms of iconic ones, I can’t go past the opening of the first game: the VO conversation between Anderson, Udina and Hackett, the text, and dat music… it set the tone for the whole series IMHO.

  • The song that plays during Mordin’s curtain call; “A Future for the Krogan,” cuts me up every time.
    Those game’s had absolutely Amazing Soundtracks.

  • The influence of this trilogy on me, and that of future titles will likely be indescribable. And by jolly god Mordin’s curtain call.. the emotions that scene caused were just wtf….

    A little note on the final space battle with the reapers, while it was spine chilling at first, ended up being quite disappointing actually, no doubt due to the mechanics of war assets and how useless individual pieces actually meant in the end. Oh well.

    Also, I’d like to add Menae (Palavan’s moon) to the list. The moment you stepped on there, looked up and at Palavan burning was quite humbling. The first real moment of you staring at these 2km high death machines finally waging their war and wondering, “I’m suppose to stop this?”

  • It’s been said multiple times but stepping out into the vacuum of space with the Command Center of the Normandy completely exposed was positively spine tingling

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