The Must-Have Extension For Steam Users Running Chrome Or Firefox

Browser extensions can do more than just block ads (amazing, I know). Take Enhanced Steam, an add-on for Chrome and Firefox, which tweaks the layout of Steam's online store to provide additional info about games and inject that data directly onto their individual product pages.

Once installed, Enhanced Steam makes browsing Valve's digital software catalogue a more informative affair. The extension's website has a laundry list of features, but here are the ones you'll want to know about:

  • Highlights the games and downloadable content you already own
  • Points out 3rd party DRM on games
  • Adds DLC categories to the product page
  • Finds out how much you really save on a bundle
  • See pricing history for each game
  • See how much you've spent on your Steam account
  • Displays Metacritic user scores
  • Gives you widescreen support information from WSGF
  • Replaces the Steam Greenlight banner

That last feature I'm not particularly excited about, but that's probably because I have a game on Greenlight.

If you're keen to check it out, you can download it free for Chrome and Firefox.

Enhanced Steam [Official site, via Reddit]


    Soooo, it's not even affiliated with Valve? Pass.

    I'll be excited when Valve/Steam let me choose which browser Steam uses as a backend for Steam Overlay, so I can move away from IE.

      I thought Steam moved to WebKit a while ago, to coincide with the Mac version...

        Really? I hadn't heard that. It doesn't make sense though. Every Windows pc has IE so I assume that's why they use it. All I know it's that my saved cookies and passwords are synced with IE, not Chrome.

          Ahh that does make sense dude, but i would imagine firefox/Chrome would scan plugins before making them available for the public.

          In saying that think of all the other plugins we put on, heck an innocent advert remover might be capable of sniffing information

      Not affiliated with valve means.. nothing?
      there's lots of great 3rd party services that compliment steam.

      To be honest if i had this a few months ago i wouldn't have been suckered into buying Far Cry 3 because there would have been a big shiny red warning sign instead of "this game requires u-play" at the very bottom of the description

        I don't like the idea of signing into something that I have credit card information in when it's not the actual company I'm dealing with.

    Pretty ridiculous Zafehouse Diaries isn't Greenlit yet. Pretty strong indictment of the Greenlight system. You should be able to just skip Greenlight once you have a certain number of sales.

    Meanwhile, stop posting, Logan, and go make some more Zafehouse content!

    I need this - I check steam from my work machine a lot and I can never tell if I have games or not.

    Most of these are features I've been wishing the client (and website) had for years. Especially the first one. It's really annoying to always have to visit the game's page to see if the big, green "You already own this, Play Now?" banner is there. I also want something that tells me which items are on my wishlist.

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