The Special Effects Of The Walking Dead

The Special Effects Of The Walking Dead

which add special effectsThe Walking DeadWarning: Video contains spoilers.

It’s awesome to see how the effects are added. Stargate Studios shows off the reel of effects it worked on for this past season 3 of The Walking Dead.

Am I alone in thinking the make up work of The Walking Dead is nearly as impressive as the special effects work? These zombies look so good they give me nightmares (to be fair, the show’s pace gives me nightmares too). Add special effects and chopping heads to create gore never looked so good.
[Stargate Studios]

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  • They didn’t look impressive here like they did on the show, I don’t know why… can’t put my finger on it.

    • Sometimes I wonder if the zombie scenes of Walking Dead are a tribute to B-grade horror flicks. I don’t even mean this in a bad way, I don’t really know how I feel about it. There are a lot of scenes that are obviously made by makeup and some props/makeup people seem like they had a great time making.

      • Yeah, I’m sure that’s a part of it. The show would know they need a certain number of zombie kills, so I’m sure the makeup and CG guys get to sit around and dream up cool ways to do it. When you’re killing as many zombies as they do in this show, you do need to keep finding new and interesting ways to do it to try and prevent it from becoming too routine. You see similar stuff if you go back and look at the making-of stuff on Romero’s classic zombie movies. A lot of it was the make up guy, Tom Savini, just dreaming up cool ways to kill zombies and Romero giving him licence to do it.

      • Theyre done by Greg Nicotero who studied under Tom Savini who did Romeros original Dead movies. Nicotero has worked on them since Land of the Dead either directly or indirectly via knb effects. So thats likely why it looks like theold style Savini fx, its taught by and inspired by Savini then done by his student.

        • Thanks for that very imformative post 🙂

          (Reading this, it comes across even to me as sarcastic, but it’s not meant that way. Seriously, thank you.)

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