The World’s Greatest Gaming Bento Boxes

As a lazy young man who couldn’t fry an egg, I ate many a convenience store bento box during my two years in Japan. But none of them looked like this. You may have seen some of these gaming bento boxes, in fact I’m sure we’ve posted a few ourselves, but this collection of japanese lunch boxes is overwhelmingly cool. I can’t tell if they’re tasty, but they sure look good.

This Portal one is subtle, but cool. It has cake. I’ll let you make your own jokes because I am so, so tired of jokes about cake.

A pink 3DS. This was definitely made in Japan.

A 360 controller? This can’t have been made in Japan…


I don’t think I could bring myself to eat this. Also — Yoshi is eating something that is about to be eating. Lunch-ception.

This one is my favourite!

Check out the rest here!

Thanks to Harli and Spandas!

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