These BioShock Infinite Pendants Are Sombre And Beautiful

These BioShock Infinite Pendants Are Sombre And Beautiful

These beauties are the work of Annie Saunders from Carson City, Nevada. Both the setting and the chain are made of bronze, and, according to her, the necklaces are great for cosplay. I’d use mine to bring out my inner Elizabeth. Hey, Booker, want some money?


Bioshock Infinite Bird/Cage Necklace [Etsy, via Tumblr]


  • they are lovely but i wouldn’t use them for cosplay. The ones in the game are more rounded if i remember right (plus I’d rather make it myself)

        • Was there actually any significance for this choice, other then to give the Letuce’s another outing?

          • Just to create the illusion of choice and to make the player think about where they were going… I know I assumed at the time it would have a bearing on how the game ended, but in fact it does not.

          • SPOILER, like seriously don’t read this if you haven’t finished the game: The only effect is that the universe split at that point, but the final outcome is not affected. This can be seen in the closing sequence where different Elizabeths have different pendants.

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