This Is How You Open A Beer Bottle With An N64 Controller

This Is How You Open A Beer Bottle With An N64 Controller

I’m guessing that when the N64 was in its prime, most of you were too young to be drinking beer, so this never occurred to you, but you can actually use an N64 controller to open a bottle of beer and this genius video will show you how.

Yep, you use the memory card slot. Brilliant.

Thanks Lifehacker!


  • I was old enough dagnabbit! But all the beer I drank then had screw tops – like the one in the video!

  • Speak for yourself Mark! I was barely able to afford my N64 due to my university based alcohol problem…and then OoT nearly killed my uni career all together. 😀

  • Umm, i guess they aren’t South Australians… because they didnt roll the bottle first before opening, people complain about the sediment at the bottom of a bottle of Coopers Pale Ale but by rolling the bottle it mixes up the sediment.

    Funny story, i was at a drive through in near Perth, i wanted a few long necks of Coopers Pale Ale and the attendant said that they couldn’t legally sell me any because it was past its used by date, Pale Ale would have to be the only consumable that has a best after date but the thing that made me worry is how much Pale Ale did they throw out before i told them about the “best after” date? The cheeky thing is that i saved them potentially thousands of dollars of stock and they didnt even give me a free pale ale.

    You can use literally anything flat and solid to open beer caps so albeit creative, it’s not that special.

    • I had a precarious moment demonstrating how to open a beer on a brick wall. I ran my mouth off all like ‘pft, you’ve never opened a beer on a wall before?’ having never done it myself… but the beer gods were looking out for me that day, and I got the cap off without even fizzing it up. I was so proud of myself, but managed to not betray my calm exterior.

    • You should have offered to take all that “spoiled” stock off their hands for free – that way they wouldn’t be selling it, as such.

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