This Is Sydney After The Apocalypse

This Is Sydney After The Apocalypse

Disclaimer: this is only tangentially related to games, but it’s so cool that I just had to share. Plenty of video games we play, or are about to play attempt to look at what happens when technology stops progressing and nature reclaims what we’ve built. The upcoming The Last Of Us is a great example of that. This clever viral marketing campaign for the latest Will Smith movie After Earth takes a look at what how nature would reclaim major destinations across the globe and Sydney is one of them.

It’s very cool.

Here is a satellite picture of Sydney now…

Oh, this is awesome. I can see the Kotaku office building from here! This is a hypothetical shot of Sydney 250 years from now.

Rough. Looks like the Kotaku building is gone. Are you telling me there will be no Kotaku 250 years post-apocalypse? I’m calling bullshit.

Here is the the same place 500 years after.

And 750 years…

And, finally, 1000 years.

Noooooooo! My office! I have porridge in there!

Alright, so this is purely speculative, obviously, and there’s a fair bit of hokum involved, but this is still cool.

Head here to mess around with other major cities. It’s a lot of fun.


  • Yes, yes, this is all well and good, but where’s the destruction of Melbourne? I think most Australians would really want to see that. :p

    (Disclaimer, I actually love Melbourne and I’m only taking the piss, so don’t get your panties in a twist, you whiny Vics. :D)

    • i live in melbourne and agree we bitch a lot. still prefer it here than sydney any day including the sooks, wingers and collingwood fans

      • Ugh… Pies fans, I’m so sorry. I keep forgetting about Collingwood. I take back what I’ve said about Vic in the past. You live with them every day, so you’ve absolutely got the right to complain. My deepest respects for the crap you guys endure!

  • Can someone give me a link to the site that has the pictures of sydney after the apocalypse from this article? I can’t seem to find it.

  • I reckon some walls and foundation of the buildings would still be visible. Wouldnt all just be covered in dust. If the buildings are covered up in these shots, why isn’t the opera house?

  • On another note, that’s the Deus Ex HR title music in that After Earth trailer isn’t it? It sounds awfully familiar.

    • Spot on. It’s not often that video game music gets grabbed for movies or movie trailers. It’s a nice piece of music, so great to see it in there.

  • would be cool to see what happens to the bridge (hypothetically) in 1000 years times. i am guessing the sandstone stanchions are all thats left – the metal would rust away long before that,

      • hmm i dunno – they are pretty high. even in the last pic you can still make out the remnants of the last opera house dome. suppose it would come down to the water erosion rate of the sand stone, if they are in fact in water. from memory the base of the stanchion the same side as the opera house might be a little higher than sea level?

    • Really interesting to see South America move so much over 1000 years… I don’t think that it would be that quick

      • hmmm isnt south america split off from africa? as in its was once part of the same continent (pangaea), now its moving away not towards? besides, 1000 years way to short for that kind of geological movement.

    • It will show you what would happen to the southern end. The entire thing disappears between 750 and a thousand years.

  • Funnily enough the reason Canberra isn’t on this map is because there was no discernible change when the filters were applied….

  • You want a better insight into a post-apocalyptic world, watch a show called “Life After People”, or read a book called “The world Without Us” by Alan Weisman Both very awesome, the show more so cause it has CG scenes.

  • That’s a huge rise in water. I can’t see the cliffs behind Opera House being decimated THAT badly. For that to be levelled like in the first shot, the Opera House itself would be brought down it’s foundation.

    Otherwise, cool idea.

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