This Is Why Vague Dialogue Trees Would Suck In Real Life

This Is Why Vague Dialogue Trees Would Suck In Real Life

If you’ve ever played a game with dialogue choices, chances are you’ve encountered the dreaded vague dialogue tree (if not vague dialogue options). While it’s not ‘fun’ to mean one thing and say another, at least you can restart a game.

You can’t really do that in real life, though if you got into the same situations the protagonist does in this video by stagefivetv, you’d wish you could.

The Continuum : Dialogue Tree [stagefivetv]


  • AHAHAHA. Good find. While I’ve never been bothered too much about these things (eg that paragon response was not paragon, wtf BW? yaddyda), I definitely see the criticism and humour arising from it.

  • I find Women are experts in taking something you say and twisting it, interpreting it in a way that you never intended. This I have learned the hard way since I’ve been married 😛

  • I find they suck in Video Games too, god I miss Dragon Age: Origins, hm, might be time for another playthrough.

  • This basically made me quit LA Noir in annoyance. The interrogations became infuriating because it never reflected what I meant…

  • funny, but those aren’t vague dialogue options except for the first 2 or so. The rest of them were just bad dialogue options.

  • Jeez. Yeah, sometime when I have more time than I know what to do with I’ll have to stitch together some of the more egregious examples from SWTOR. It’s always disconcerting to choose, “I’ll get it done,” from the dialogue wheel, and have my light-side Sith warrior proclaim, “I will murder every man, woman and child. None will survive.”

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