Two Game Developers Travel The World, Playing Games And Helping People

Earlier this year, Battlefield producer Daniel Matros and former colleague Tim Kjell set up something called Charitystream. The idea was simple: stream games online, raise money for charity. It's a noble goal, yeah, but it's also something countless others are engaged in.

What's interesting about Charitystream, though, is the direct means the pair employ to make sure they're truly making a difference.

I'm not downplaying or trying to dismiss the efforts of other charity events online in the slightest here. Every cent raised in the name of helping others is a deed well done. That said, when you donate your money to an external charity, often large portions of that money never reach the people you want it to, because those charities need cash to keep themselves running.

Charitystream stands out because every single cent these guys make goes to a good cause. And they know it does, because they head out there and damn well make sure of it.

Their goal is to travel the world, visiting orphanages in need where they donate stuff like school books, medication and food, as well as performing maintenance on equipment and facilities that needs fixing.

Matros and Kjell have so far paid for their own airfares and accommodation. "We work hard for our money", Matros says. "We all have day jobs and do this on a voluntary basis. We pay for our trips and accommodation ourselves because we want 100% of the donated money to benefit the orphanages."

In addition to the donations and repairs, they want to make sure the connections they make are more than just fleeting fly-bys. "Charitystream is about feeling connected with people so we shoot documentaries and are planning to shoot follow-up documentaries on the orphanages as well."

The pair's first beneficiary was an orphanage all the way down in Johannesburg, South Africa, which received $US1500. You can see their first documentary of their trip below.


Charitystream [Site]


    I have a better idea.

    Instead of globe trotting pretending to be a modern day Jesus, how about you get your backsides back in the studio and actually produce a game that isn't a bug ridden, unbalanced mess for your paying customers?

    Too much to ask?

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