Xbox 360 Used As A Weapon In Strange Florida Murder

Xbox 360 Used As A Weapon In Strange Florida Murder

In five years of writing about weird crime here, I’ve heard of gaming consoles being involved in violent crime in just about every way possible — except as a weapon itself. That’s one of the many bizarre features of a murder in Florida last Sunday.

The Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reported this week that cops in Broward County, Fla. found a “broken and bloody Xbox 360,” next to the body of Monica Gooden, 20. Her boyfriend, Darrius Johnson, apparently admitted killing her, but it gets a lot weirder.

Johnson said he “sacrificed” her, that Gooden “had control of his spirit” and that he had to sacrifice someone with a Taurus astrological sign. Gooden was not born under that sign, incidentally. Three knives were found at the scene, a more likely cause of Gooden’s death though, who knows.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that Gooden “did not have defensive wounds on her hands,” indicating that a ritual stabbing may have taken place while she was overpowered — or after being beaten unconscious by an Xbox 360.

A police report said Johnson told cops Gooden “would not die” and that he “fought her like he was fighting a dragon”. Johnson is being held without bail in the Broward County jail.

Slain Lauderhill woman’s boyfriend tells police he ‘sacrificed’ her [Sun-Sentinel, h/t Matthew H.]



    Never mind the fact he’s mentally ill, sacrificed her… there were knives… the xbox was just a heavy object he used to bash her head in…

  • There must have been blood on the wall too, and the carpet, which were all used as weapons to beat the victim no doubt.

  • I hate to burst your sensationalist bubble, but this is just a mere matter of coincidence; I’d imagine if your partner was trying to ritually stab you to death, and a fight occurred, any nearby heavy object – or any object at all for that matter – could be used as a weapon.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, the news article itself was an interesting read. I just don’t see why you felt the need to inflate the Xbox 360 part of the story and otherwise copy/paste it here on a gaming blog.

  • The original article makes no mention of the XBox being used as a weapon, just that it was found next to the corpse along with several knives. In fact, it highlights the stab wounds. The XBox could have been stood on or knocked about in the scuffle. Or, it could have been fallen on, or pulled off by the cords as someone fell and then covered by arterial spray, the more likely story as XBoxes are more solid than a human skull. Though we won’t let facts, evidence or the lack thereof get in the way of justifying putting this on a gaming blog. /soapbox

  • Where do you pre-order? It would look good next to my blood spattered ps3. I bought that off a junkie.

  • Quiet depressing. I’m curious as to where did he come up from such an understanding and beliefs. Definitely isn’t gaming. Though where do people get this dumb and why do they believe in such crap?

  • I guess someone wanted to make up for when the last Xbox saved someone’s life by acting as a bullet proof vest xD

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