55 Upcoming Indie Games In 5 Minutes

It can sometimes feel like the world is being buried beneath independently-developed PC games, leaving us with far too many to keep up with.

So Pixel Prospector has done us all a favour and put this clip together, rounding up 55 of the best-looking indie games either on the way or out recently, dropping them in the single highlights video.

55 Fresh Indie Games [Pixel Prospector]


    Road rdepmtion looks great, I've already backed and greenvoted that one
    Contrast is another one I am really looking forward to

    Influx, hat in time and teslagrad are one I haven't heard of that could be worth a look

    There are some interesting ones there, but they aren't all "upcoming". Mutant Mudds is one I specifically remember as already released, as I already have it on GOG.com. A quick check shows it was released on GOG 30th of August last year.

    Remaking Toki!!! Sooooooooooooo coool!!!!

    Gees. I've got so many indie games on Steam now that this scares me. So much good stuff coming...

    Is there a place for the AAA game developer when the indie developer delivers so much for so little? Yes, I'm generalizing but in being selective I've gotten some amazing games at amazing prices when compared to the AAA title developer.

    It's getting to the point where I look less and less at the big developers titles.

      The vast majority of consumers tend to ignore indie releases unless they generate big buzz like Minecraft or Slender, myself included. Your concern about AAA becoming homeless is touching, but misplaced.

        I've never really seen an indie title generate big buzz. It's more of a genre where you have to actively seek out the titles (probably because they don't have much/if any advertising budget). That said, I've not had trouble finding many indie gems which I've invested significant hours in for what is a very insignificant cost.

        That's the difference between indie and AAA titles because there are so many good, refreshing games to play. The actual value of these games to me is huge because there's something about them that makes me keep coming back to them that a lot of AAA titles just don't seem to be able to do.

        I'm not pushing indie on to everyone. I'm also not saying that AAA titles will ever become homeless (even if there are some I'd like to see go that way *cough* CoD *cough*) but at the moment I'm going with what works for me, and I'm really enjoying it.

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