There Is A Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer And It Features A New Villain...

As good as the 'Arkham' series of Batman games have been — and they've been so, so good — I'm still a little cynical about Batman: Arkham Origins. The name screams spin-off, as does the fact that the main development team behind the first two games is stepping aside to let Warner Bros Games Montreal take over. The first teaser trailer for the game has been released, and features Batman duking it out against Deathstroke.

There are a couple of warning bells for me. I'll admit I'm not the biggest comic book fan, but I didn't know who Deathstroke was, which means he's hardly an antagonist on the level of The Joker. I'll accept the howls of core DC fans on this one, but the fact is a broader audience most likely is not aware of this character and his significance.

Secondly — a CG trailer? For Batman? We all know and understand how a Batman Arkham is supposed to look and play. This is a game that's coming out in October. It is now the middle of May. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some gameplay footage. This is a teaser trailer for something larger, so I'll reserve judgement, but I really hope the whole full trailer isn't just CG.


    *mutters in head*

    They shouldn't have done a prequel. They shouldn't have done a prequel. They shouldn't have done a prequel.

    *cries a little*

    You seen Arrow? Deathstroke's in that one, as his alter-ego Slade Wilson (might not be applicable, depending on where the Oz one is at)

    The trailers for Arkham city were CGI as well. And nothing that happened in the trailer happened in the game.

    Hugo strange wasn't exactly a well known name either. At least Death stroke can give Batman a run for his money. What made me lose interest in both the preceding games was that Batman was too strong. Unless the bad guys had guns, they were always going to lose. It'd be nice to see some challenge in the new game.

      Indeed, this is true. Hugo Strange wasn't really that well known. Deathstroke is also receiving a bit of fame lately as well due to his minor role in the show ARROW.

        and being playable in Injustice as well gets his name out there.

        And he shows up in the fighting games, people start to get interested in who each character is and BAM suddenly a fan

          Exactly!!! That's how interest in a character is built and a gradual fanbase! Not that Deathstroke is new or anything but Arrow and other media are definitely help boost DC's characters status again since Marvels had the limelight the last few years.

    The best thing about the Batman games is the fighting. Its luke a ballet of violence. Somehow I don't think these guys are going to screw it up

    Short but pretty damn sweet.

    I just hope they're going to have heaps of variety in the game. It's a bigger environment, with multiple bosses. I really don't want to be doing essentially the same missions each time I'm headed for a different boss.

    As a core DC fan, I'm more excited for Deathstroke than I was for Penguin, Catwoman and Two-Face put together in City, and Black Mask is a brilliant choice for big bad.

    I'm predicting Deadshot will show up and be really boring, though.

    We all know and understand how a Batman Arkham is supposed to look and play. So why do we need a gameplay trailer then? Who does gameplay trailers these days, anyway? :P
    Deathstroke isn't the main antagonist of the game either, that'd be Black Mask. Pretty sure he's even less known than Deathstroke though.

      that'd be Black Mask. Pretty sure he's even less known

      He was in the last game though, even though it was blink-and-you'd-miss-him.

    Seems a bit harsh to judge the game because Deathstroke isn't as well known as the Joker (the Joker is Batman's best known enemy after all). And this is a teaser trailer, so what if it's a 15 second CG scene? Wait for May 21 before jumping to conclusions...

    Well I'll have to say that was the shittest trailer/teaser I've ever watched.

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    Ok lets see Deathstroke was in Arrow, He was the main villain in the Teen Titans cartoon and he was in Young justice season 2.

    Is that not mainstream enough 2 shows in the past year had him and he is in Injustice.

      Not to mention has had his own comic series, is a constant villain in the batman universe etc...

    I hope they're not scraping down the bottom of the barrel for villains in this one because they used all the big ones in the previous games.

      When they throw "The Great White Shark" (a massive con artist who lost his facial features after pleading insanity and winding up in Arkham), Dancing Man (he does a dance and then kills cripples) or a guy with eyes on his fingers, you can worry they're scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Deathstroke is actually pretty A-List considering he had his own comic series in 2011, had a big role in Injustice, was the main villian for most of the Teen Titans cartoon, as well as in one season of Young Justice and is in Arrow, so he's probably a bigger villian than Black Mask and the Penguin (who both get no love outside of Batman's own comics compared to Deathstroke showing up all over the place).

        I can't wait for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to feature as antagonists

    Better not use Games for Windows Live. I can't play the other 2 any more because GFWL won't let me login, well I can play I just can't save. I also lost DiRT3 to GFWL.

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