A Dramatic Reading Of Ridiculous Grand Theft Auto V YouTube Comments


    Normally in these things i can find one or two comments that have a small point, this time they are all nuts. I would pay money to meet these people in real life, so long as I was in a safety cage.

      I agreed with 'Europe! Europe! Europe! Europe! Europe! Europe!' guy, a new console/PC GTA in Europe (or anywhere other than the same three places) would be awesome.

        But GTA is a game about America. Or about how people from Scotland view America, more precisely. If it wasn't in America, it wouldn't be GTA.


          Plus the graphics won't be as good if the game is not set in America because America is apparently more beautiful.

          You know what I never thought of it that way before. But, you have a point. GTA as we know it now is all about popular American culture with a heavy dose of R*. And that's great. GTAV looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to explore.

          Don't forget though that even though GTA is now synonymous with American culture, GTA London exists. GTA III was far less realistic in terms of environment even though it is still a parody of American society. The GTA formula works in Red Dead Redemption and there are plenty of successful genre imitations which prove the appeal and enjoyment. Provided the relevant culture was portrayed effectively, GTA could be set anywhere.

          I love the idea. And I hope R* deliver something spanning the globe or expand on the territories even more. Grand Theft International?

          Either way GTAV isn't playable yet but no doubt I'll be putting significant hours into all if not most game modes. What comes after that doesn't really matter at the moment I guess.

          More concerned about a PC release. Hanging on for dear life.

    Hahahah, hilarious. My favourite was the guy complaining about having the letter "V" in the word "Five" :D

    That was actually funny. With some creative editing and research one could make a TV show based on that concept - it would run for years.

    I've got to stop watching these at work...

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