A Game Where You Can Control Your Powers Using Your Mind

Buttons, controllers, keyboards, motion controls? Been there, done that. Mind-controlled games, people — or more specifically, games controlled by brain activity — are something else.

Son of Nor is a game about controlling the elements and terraforming — we've called it an Avatar game of sorts before, we've likened the abilities you have to "force powers." Both of these things are all the more true now given that you can play Son of Nor using an EPOC Emotiv device. This device has sensors which can "tune into electrical signals produced by the brain to detect user thoughts, feelings and expressions." In this case specifically, you can tap into your in-game powers by using your brainwaves. How easy that is to actually master, however, is another thing entirely.

If you head over to Son of Nor's Kickstarter page, you'll notice that you pre-order a copy of the game with an Emotive EPOC headgear for $US300 bucks. Definitely not cheap, but possibly worth it. You can also vote for Son of Nor on Steam Greenlight here.


    Couple this with eye tracking and a kinect like device and you could have complete control over the game with motion control and thought, now for a game like Skyrim that would be epic so long as it all had real time control over your in game character.
    This would be the next step in gaming tech IF they can get it to an affordable mass production level the average consumer can learn, with some effort still obviously.

      The problem with this is if eye tracking works as intended, any shooter type game you could never miss if you are looking exactly at the target.

      A normal joystick style controller gives an element of challenge to it, you can actually miss.

      running around a game just looking at things and thinking of shooting at them would be far to easy and boring. Online shooters would become a case of who see's who first.

    Looks like they are using the muscle gestures technology I read about 2 years ago. You need to program the device (or memorise the device) with the readings from a gesture command like raising an eyebrow or shrugging and whatnot. I think he was using the eyebrow gesture for the telekinesis spell.

    They seemed to go out of thier way to avoid telling you how its done instead trying to sell it as just using your mind. I dunno if this will take off though. I cant see it as terribly immersive, just anouther slow to react input device like the kinect.

    I want the dev kit and work on a photoshop version, i want to be able to draw with my mind. lol this device in the right hands could do wonders for computing.

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