A Giant Mech And A Monster Tear Sydney To Shreds In The New Pacific Rim Poster

It's hard for me to get to the cinema these days with a four month old, but gosh darn it I'm going to have to make an exception for Pacific Rim with it's giant mechs and monsters and what not. A new trailer for the movie was released earlier this week and now there's a pretty slick new poster of the Sydney Harbour Bridge getting torn up.

Hey big robot guy — watch out for our offices. It's um... just behind you I think. Yeah — next to your right foot. Also don't tread on the MLC Centre, that's where I get my lunch bro. There's a really cool chicken place there. You'd love it.

I'm sure this poster is part of a broader advertising campaign that shows multiple other recognisable areas around the globe getting trashed by giant dudes fighting, but it's still pretty cool to see Sydney getting in on the act. I wonder if it features in the movie...

Thanks Giz!


    Evangelion the movie

    With Sydney gone, Melbourne shall reign supreme. Mwahahahaha.

      According to Final Wars...
      The American Godzilla did it first ;)
      And the Aliens in independence day...
      I guess Hollywood is on Melbourne's side... Good one Hollywood... Good one.

      ha! even with sydney torn to shreds, it'll be better than melbourne :P

        Brisbane is also a city.

          Adelaide won't care, means we get the concerts that don't realise the rest theres more australia past the east coast.

    According to the Wonder Con Pacific Rim trading cards, Striker Eureka (the Australian Jaeger, seen above) is the most bad-ass one that has been announced so far. I am SO excited for this movie!

      Yep, the Striker Eureka had the most powerful stats by far, but I have a bad feeling that they are building it up to knock it down, and have the US underdog save the day.

    This is my desktop at home now. My computer needed nice big dose of epic.

    The movie is called Pacific Rim. It has battles in the Pacific Ocean.
    If Sydney doesn't feature at all in any of the battles, then I am disappoint.
    Its the best chance we've got so far of seeing Sydney get totally destroyed by mechs and giant monsters.

    Evangelion finally gets a live action film. Minus the teenage emotions and masturbating over underage comatose girls, I hope.

    PS, the man-made monster looks very Robotech/Patlabor and very cool in that shot.

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    does this mean we will have our own evangelion?

    Nitpicking, but where did this monster come from, Parramatta? The Striker Eureka is on the wrong side of the bridge to be protecting the harbour, the only thing it can do there is block the monster getting back to the ocean.

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