A Giant Nemesis Head Will Not Be Your Home's Romantic Centrepiece

I've got a lot of toys and statues on my "good bookshelf", but I'm also a man with small kids, who has normal people around to his house to visit. So, no, I won't be buying this giant, hideous Resident Evil bust. Even though deep down I kind of want to.

Recreating RE3's Nemesis down to the... neck tendons, it's "life-size", which might go part of the way to explaining why it's $US800.

RESIDENT EVIL: NEMESIS LIFESIZE BUST [Hollywood Collectibles, via Toyark]


    Ahhh Nemesis, back when Resident Evil was a game we feared.

    Wait... knowing and appreciating a great cyborg zombie abomination sculpture isn't 'normal'? Well gee, I just don't know what normal is then.

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